Chuck McDonald - website

Mission Statement

To be worship, not lead worship. CMM Has a mandate to father a generation into a Secret Place life-style.


Chuck McDonald is truly a project that God the Father is continually working on. The clay in the hands of the Potter. Chucks vision is to connect with churches, ministries and organizations and to shift the culture back to a God-centered life. Chuck connects with churches to impart and impact regions with the fire of awakening and see lives changed for the Kingdom of God. He has devoted his life to seeing souls saved and lives awakened to the deeper things of God.

Chuck was saved on November 30th, 1992. He went to an altar a sex-addict and arose a new creation. He spent several years in the IPHC Conference working with youth. When he married he moved into the Church of God where he lead worship and taught.

After being awakened to the real, burning desire God has placed in us for intimacy, not a slave to Christianity, he has devoted himself to the revival that America is on the brink of with a prophetic edge and intercession. Imparting the Kingdom of God to the nation and more. This fire breathing evangelist is shaking regions around the nation with the sound of awakening and seeing the Bride come to life!

Chuck is ordained through ICCM (International Congress of Churches and Ministries) with Dr. Michael Chitwood.

Chuck has written and recorded many songs that have impacted people all over the country. He traveled and lead worship sets for a mobile 24 hour prayer ministry, with most sets being 2 hours in length He has connected with many ministries and ministry leaders around the country to become a part of a major movement of hungry, laid down lovers that seek the face of Jesus and not His fame.

Now he is in the stages of recording a brand new project focused on singing to Jesus and not just about Jesus. Look for the new upcoming album "Encounters".