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Mission Statement

Our focus has always been on leading people to the heart of God. We really want to see people connect with Him in a personal way through a worship experience. We hear, all too often, people refer to praise and worship as "the first thirty minutes of a church service." We, as Jesus followers, can't afford to underestimate what takes place when we truly encounter God through worship. This is why we do what we do!!


Tobey and Crystal have been in and around ministry most of their lives. Tobey was raised in the small town of League City, TX, a suburb of Houston. He showed an interest in music at an early age. Drums was the instrument of choice and at fourteen he began to fill in for his church's band. He soon became a permanent addition to the team. He also served as the youth worship leader, organizing and coordinating services and rehearsals. He then began learning how to play piano as well as try his hand at writing. This got the attention of church leaders, and Tobey was soon asked to rotate in as a worship leader for the main services. Working closely with the pastoral leadership of the church he began to gain an understanding of the important role of worship in the local church as well as learn the nuts and bolts side of ministry. In 2001 he caught the attention of producer, and former lead singer for Newsong, Drew Cline who was, at the time, managing a small contemporary vocal group called The Sound. Tobey accepted an offer from the group and spent the next three or so years on the road. In a strange turn of events, six months into his tenure, Tobey was given the lead singer/manager position with the group. Being responsible for scheduling, booking, payroll and everything else that went with the position was extremely challenging but personally rewarding. In 2003 Tobey received a call from Pastor Matt Woodfill with an offer to be the Music Pastor for a young church, The Woodlands Christian Center, which he and his wife Tammy had begun a year earlier. Hearing an unmistakable confirmation from the Holy Spirit, he accepted and moved to The Woodlands, TX.
Crystal always loved music from a very early age. It wasn't, however, until she accepted Christ at 12 years old that she realized that music was her calling. She began to write original songs and train as a vocalist and musician (piano). In her early teens, she began leading worship, playing piano, and singing at every available opportunity. This included church ministry as well as leading worship for an outreach ministry that went into low income apartment communities and the inner city of downtown Houston on a weekly basis. By age 17, she was the interim Music Director for a local church and had begun leading worship for other churches, ministries, and events in the community as opportunities arose. She even filled in at a Korean church whose members spoke no English! She started to see, first hand, the power of the presence of God touching lives through worship. With a heart to see the body of Christ fully equipped in the area of worship, Crystal worked with area churches to help raise up musicians and worship leaders, as well as assist in helping them transition from traditional music to modern worship. In 2000, she turned down paid ministry positions to accept a volunteer staff position at a young church that she felt strongly called to. This provided the opportunity for her to be involved in every conceivable area of church ministry. From toilet cleaning to pulpit ministry, she has literally done it all. To sustain her during that time God opened up a door for her in business. Crystal and Tobey met in 2003 shortly after he arrived to The Woodlands, and in early 2004 she joined him at The Woodlands Christian Center to lead the Music Department there.
Tobey and Crystal currently serve as the Music Pastors of The Woodlands Christian Center. They have written over 70 songs, many of which are used during the weekly services. With every song that they write they make every effort to openly and honestly express heartfelt love and adoration for God. They feel that this can be accomplished with music that delivers a timeless message with a modern sound. Their heartbeat and purpose is to bring people closer to the heart of God through worship as well as provide new and innovative music that will equip the church body, as a whole, to do the same.