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Mission Statement

It is my hope and desire that my music would bless those that hear it. More specifically, that it would comfort and encourage people, possibly even inspire someone to love a teenager who says, "I hate you", visit an aging Mom and say thank you, preserve a memory with a photo album so that memory can be relived, or start praying even when you don't know exactly how. If I could give people a gift through my music, the inside of the box would contain God's grace and forgiveness. It would be wrapped with fewer regrets and tied with a ribbon that is one more sweet moment.


Loralie was born and raised in Glendale, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. She started piano lessons at an early age. In high school Loralie began playing and singing with her church youth group using a guitar given to her by the youth minister at her church. Singing and writing songs was an outlet and an escape from life's struggles.

During her time at the University of Oregon, she continued to sing, often singing in the stairwell for the good acoustics. But then life intervened and service as a Marine Corps Officer, raising children, a graduate degree, work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, and numerous moves to various states put singing and songwriting on the back burner.

While living in a suburb of Kansas City, Loralie was encouraged to sing at her church and began writing songs that focus on her faith in Jesus Christ. The death of her mother in January 2005 prompted her to write the moving "My Mother's Hands" as a tribute to her mother and a way to share her mother's life story.

Numerous requests for copies of "My Mother's Hands" encouraged her to consider recording the song. She began a search for the perfect studio. Ultimately this led her to Back at the Ranch Studio in Waco, TX where she laid down the tracks for her first CD. Take This Heart.

Take This Heart contains a variety of songs that reflect the diversity of Loralie's back ground and faith. From songs that tell a story to praise and worship to even a bit of country, the songs reflect the variety of influences in Loralie's musical background.

Loralie currently resides in Overland Park, KS.