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Mission Statement

Rockzion delivers the Word of God with an original approach to Christian Rock.
Beginning as an animated project influenced by classic rock called "Crusaders Of
The Light", the project developed in the studio with a genre of Christian and crossover
rock. This group of players have come together as friends and musicians to develop
this project at Rockzion Records Production Company Studio in Hermosa Beach,
California. Rockzion brings to you a gathering of works which we hope may be a blessing to all that hear. We have taken scripture as it is written delivering the Word of God at it's sharpest point (Hebrews 4:12).
May God Bless you with the hearing of His Word!


Rockzion is a band influenced by Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Doors, Eagles and the
Moody Blues. We have been together since 1990 and we are all involved in music
professionally from teachers to engineers, studio musicians, side players, and free
lance artists.
Tom Maxwell our drummer signed with Warner Brothers for 3 albums and is per-
forming with the "Blue Hawiians" out of Los Angeles and also Performs with his son
Nathen Maxwell in "Nathen Maxwell and The Bunny Gang".
Glen Lynskey rebel guitar player won the nationwide Jimmy Hendrix contest receiving
a recording contract in Nashville. Glen has BA degree in Electronic Engineering and
attented MIT In Los Angeles. He now teaches guitar and works in the Rockzion
Studio as a musician and engineer.
Jimmy McGivern guitar player studio owner and operator for 20 years performing
with the "Velocity" band in the past.
Brad Cummings worked with Post Logic Studios in Hollywood as a studio musician
with Miles Christiansen previous studio owner and originator of Post Logic Studios.
Tom kampas lead vocalist and executive producer behind the Rockzion project from
the original band "The Thorns" worked with Don Docken and Mick Mars.
Dennis Renick keyboards, composer, producer and originator of Rockzion worked
with Hal Lindsey for 15 years as a music director supplying soundtrack for Hal's
That is a quick review of some of the highlights of the Rockzion boys.