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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the truth about the gospel through our music. The gospel contains truth, promises, blessings, warnings and admonishments, as does our music. We are called to be salt and light, and to speak truth in boldness and humility, that all may come to know the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


"Kindred" is "a tribe" or "a nation, people." In other words, people who are related either by blood or by common purpose. The purpose is God's will for our lives. It manifests itself through the burning of God's Holy Spirit and Fire. We walk in power and authority because of the spirit and the fire that burns within us.
Matt 3:11 – John the Baptist said...
"I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire."
We, as a tribe, are related by the baptism of His fire. We are soldiers for the Kingdom empowered by.....a Kindred Fire.

Kindred Fire is about promoting God. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, this collaborative effort began in July of 2011 when guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, Skip Jourdan, got together with drummer/producer/songwriter Kevyn Kelley to do some jammin' just to "see what was possible". The two had already been playing together for about a year at Remnant Ministries but wanted to experiment with some ideas that were a bit outside of the mainstream. "Our desire is that folks who listen to our music might come to know a little bit more about God. We also want be sure that those that do not yet know God, and therefore do not understand praising and worshipping Him, might be attracted enough to the music to want to listen. And then perhaps after experiencing our musical journey, might begin to know Him and enter into their own relationship with the living God." Kindred Fire was recently blessed with the addition of a new lead vocalist and song writer, Trinese Lee. Trinese is also a member of the Remnant Ministries worship team. We are very excited about the talent and energy that she brings to the Kindred Fire project.

Skip is originally from Berkeley, CA, and learned to play guitar at an early age. He played drums and trumpet in high school and ended up studying music at San Diego State. From there he performed as a solo singer-songwriter as well as singing jingles on commercials. He also played in various bands in Cleveland, Denver and San Francisco where he helped form an original world- pop-jazz band called Midnight Café that played around the bay area and opened for such acts as Craig Chaquiso (Jefferson Starship) and Clarence Clemmons (Bruce Springsteen). He was invited to play on NBC's "Fantasy" variety show, and won several song writing contests in the Bay Area, as well as a national Christian song writing contest in Nashville in 2004. That eventually lead to a recording contract offer, however prior obligations prevented him from pursuing that opportunity.

Skip first came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior in junior high school. But like many, he spent too many years wasting time pursuing the distractions of the world. In 1994, he both lost his mother, and met his wife, Mona, who had a strong influence in leading him back to studying the word. Now thriving in his family life with his wife and two daughters, he became a worship leader at a local church in Las Vegas in 2000 and has played in church since that time. In 2007, he formed a band called Gospel Graffiti that played at various churches around town and monthly concerts at the homeless mission. He hopes that through Kindred Fire, their gifts and talents will serve to bless many people around the world."

Kevyn was born in Albany, New York and started listening to music at a very young age. Becoming a musician has always been a dream and aspiration for him. He was influenced by everything from rock, blues to funk, country and gospel. At the age of 17 he took to playing the drums in the church in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. By 1992, he played with a band called Liberty Zoo, and won the Battle of the Bands for alternative rock. Kevyn's big break came when working with producer Suga Pop where he got his first record deal with group Cassiusslade and was signed to Pony Canyon Records.

After touring with the band Kevyn, finally settled down in 1997 with Kenneth Field Entertainment where he played in the Madhattan Show at New York New York Hotel and Casino. From this he got the opportunity to play on TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight, The Home and Family Show and also in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Inner City games, as well as the Oakrigde Boys Holiday TV Special.

In 2003 the opportunity came up to work with Richard Dashut (producer of Fleet Wood Mac) on Myutopia Records with Suga Pop and is still working with him today in various projects. Kevyn feels at home and grounded with the opportunity to write and play music with Kindred Fire. Kevyn's desire is that people will come to know Christ through the gifts and talents that he has been blessed with.

Trinese was born in San Bernardino, California into a musically inclined family structure where there was always a song to be sung, and or an instrument to be played. As she completed her first piano recital at the age of 7, and then later would compete in Oratorical speech contest at age 10, she hadn't really found her true passion until she began to explore her vocal ability as a singer. As Most of her training was settled in her family roots, she was also involved at school in activities such as choir in Middle school and Vocal Ensemble concert choir at her high school.

Trinese wrote and recorded her first song when she was 17, and continued to sing and write as a hobby. This hobby lead her to connect with local musical groups in the area and would take stage presence along with them when they performed. She has had a diverse spectrum of musical influences. Those influences started with gospel groups such as the Winans, Clark Sisters, Commissioned, and then various R&B, Pop, and rock groups and singers.

There was a time where Trinese wanted to record music and become a great musical legend, but after going back to what she was taught as a little girl of Christ being her Lord and savior, her only goal and desire now is to serve Jesus Christ through song and worship." I now realize that I have been put on this earth to give myself back to God!!! So as long as I have breath, I WILL praise him!"