J Lee Bennett

Mission Statement

To share saving grace of Jesus Christ through songs and testimony.


I grew up a preacher's kid. My mom was a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory in piano and voice, and though I loved to sing, I disappointed her efforts to give me a musical education. My dad heard the audible voice of God when he was called into the ministry. I never heard His voice, but I wanted to ... by the time I was in my twenties I was full-on worldly, convinced Jesus Christ was "Santa Claus" for adults. I spent my college years indulging my lusts, got married, and went to work, doing what everyone else did, chasing the American Dream. Then, in my thirties, the Lord in His grace pulled me in! I was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit! I still hadn't heard the audible voice of God, but the Lord began to give me songs.

As I continued my career in education, and then retired to become a seller of rare books, I continued to write songs and felt the Lord's prompting to get them "out there," but had no clue how to do that. The Lord allowed severe health problems to come into my life, including a series of strokes during surgery that left me with a three-word vocabulary and other profound mental and physical deficits. My wife, Carolyn, prayed and said, "You'll get it all back." And, within weeks, I did, though there were some things, like my voice, that took longer to be restored. I felt an increased urgency to get the songs recorded and exposed to a wider audience. Though my wife felt that despite my health problems the Lord would take her home first, her sudden and unexpected death a year later was a shock.
It left me with an even greater conviction that the rest of my life should be dedicated to God's music and encouraging others.

Now, at an age when many are content to fill their hours with hobbies, travel and leisure, I have begun making a serious effort to answer God's call. He's brought me a new wife, Gina, who has had music as the focus of her life from childhood. With her help and encouragement, I am actively pursuing open doors for music. Inspired by the example of Abraham, Moses and others who were called to acts of courage and faith when well into what we consider old age, I am committed to seeking the Lord where he may be found, and pray my music and testimony will encourage you, too.