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Mission Statement

Inspirational Christian singer-songwriter with folk/new-age sound to invoke meditation, life reflection, and praise. Deep lyrics, gorgeous chords, unique vocals, intricate keys, beautiful flute, and luscious cello lines--music that stays with you and changes you.


Spirit-inspired music writing and poetry, we are learning radical trust and step-by-step obedience to the plan and purpose of this music-making. We are the most unlikely duo, having next to "nothing in common" (except the most important thing).....

Different generations, different cultures, different cities, different professions (a psychologist and an engineer?!), nevertheless God brought us together and gave us some vastly beautiful music and profound lyrics.

John was a piano prodigy in high school. He still is. But he turned away from using those pro skills for any other purpose than serving God. He has a hip-hop band, too, called Kingdom Business, that he pursues for the same purpose.

Andrea studied classical flute for years but secretly wanted to sing. But some little things came first, like becoming a Mrs. and a Dr. and a Mom. Now is apparently the time to sing.

John and Andrea met up in the unlikely venue of Craigslist and became a powerful writing duo.

Andrea's voice has been called "unique" and "special". John has crazy piano skills, a musician's musician. Andrea's lyrics are deep and poetic and lead people back to the scriptures. Our songwriting has jumped out and caught the attention of experienced industry people.

Blair Masters, prolific tour musician/arranger/composer/programmer, said:
"Prayer/Life's music is unique in that it encourages space for prayer and meditation. Between John's inspired piano playing, and Andrea's creative melodies, I found the experience of working with them to be delightful."

We can't wait for you to hear our music.