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Mission Statement

While lots of people get the blues, few people play them with as much abandon as Raging Grace. This hard drivin' blues/rock trio has brought their passion for the Gospel to stages all over New England. Together since 1991, they have released 5 cds to date.


Raging Grace is: Stephen Bell- vocals, guitar, Dean Shannon- bass, vocals, Dave Cheney- drums.

A river is said to rage in its' course- not in anger, but in power. In the same way, God's grace is a raging grace, wild and uncontrollable, unhindered by, and unconcerned with the limitations sinful humans attempt to attach to it. It is a grace freely offered, a grace found only through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ at Calvary.

Raging Grace welcomes and pursues all avenues of ministry- from coffeehouses and prisons to motorcycle rallies and outdoor festivals. Imagine Stevie Ray joining The Black Crowes to back up Jason and the Scorchers. Imagine a message Someone died to bring. Imagine Raging Grace. The band welcomes your correspondence and covets your prayers.

"The lyrics are interesting, gospel inspired and non cliched, and the musicianship is first rate..."- Crossrhythms magazine

"...A Georgia Satellites brand of rocking blues with a slight metal edge...as good a gospel rock album as I've ever heard and one that seems to get better with each listening"- Norwich Bulletin

"You guys are gnarly"- Darrell Mansfield

"Raging Grace performs blues rock with a definite hippy drive that will make your eardrums rejoice"- Phantom Tollbooth

"Those expecting run of the mill production, half finished hooks or weak, spineless vocals- go buy another album. The edgy lower register of lead vocalist Stephen Bell is haunting, passionate and unique...and their live show will only make you think that Bittersweet was an exercise in moderation"- -www.realmusic.faithweb.com