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Mission Statement

To reach the lost with a musical message of hope in knowing Jesus Christ (Mt. 10:6)

The "lost" come in all forms. Generally speaking most people think of the rebellious aethiest that denounces God or is at least the person that is leading a totally destructive lifestyle that separates them from God. We certainly pray that those will hear the message in the music....but in Mt 10:6 Jesus commanded the disciples to "gather the lost sheep of Israel"...those that know God but have strayed. That is our target audience.

To encourage believers to be bold in sharing their faith (Mt. 10:32)

We are not street corner evangelist, but strap a guitar on us or give us a microphone and we hope to set an example to other believers that will encourage them to be bold in proclaiming the Gospel in the manner in which God has uniquely wired them.

To "sing a new song, play skillfully and shout for joy" (Psalm 33:3)

The ultimate goal is advancement of the Gospel. The mission is not a record deal, it is not the next CD project or a full tour schedule...those are merely tools to execute the mission, a means to an end. Through a pursuit of excellence, fresh relevant content, and a heart of worship 9th Hour seeks to fulfill the command in Psalm 33:3.


"A message of Hope wrapped in an Acoustic Rock package" characterizes the sound and purpose of 9th Hour. This Smithville, MO based Adult Contemporary Rock group has been performing throughout the Midwest since 2004.

9th Hour has been recognized as a front runner in the Kansas City Christian music scene having received awards at the KC Christian Music Awards for "Contemporary Group of the Year" (2006-2007), Acoustic Rock Group of the Year (2007), Group of the Year (2008). At the 9th Annual KCCM Awards (2009), 9th Hour was honored to be named "Rock Group of the Year", "Worship Group of the Year", "Best Live Performance" and received honors of "Album of the Year" with their full length CD release of "Perfect Timing".


9th Hour EP - 2005
Perfect Timing - 2006
Cover Me - 2009

With dynamic vocal harmonies and a solid guitar driven sound, 9th Hour delivers a positive and faith-based message through thought provoking lyrics and inspired songwriting. Motivated by a blended style of musical influences rooted in Classic Rock, Pop, Country, Blues and Jazz, most mainstream musical tastes will find a strong connection with 9th Hour's sound. "This is not your Granny's Gospel Band!"

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