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Mission Statement

To write, play, and sing songs of Worship and Praise to Glorify God. To minister through music to those around communities. To see worshipers seek the heart of God and resound with a great sound of praise to His Name.


My name is David Kyei Ko. Raised in a Christian home, songs of Worship and Praise was not uncommon. However, being Korean American, I have been influenced by both Korean and English Christian music. Both with distinct sounds of music and writing, a part of my musical goal is to infuse the style of Korean Christian music and American/English Christian music and share it with people around.

I started writing since 2005 as a high school junior student. As years progressed, I continued to write songs of Worship and Praise and of testimonies. Having been formally trained in piano and music since the age of 5, my passion for music is ever-growing. Through earlier trials in my elementary years, God had used Worship and Praise music to change my life around and see Faith in Him as the utmost importance in life. I want to be able to use songs that God had used through Christian songwriters and minister to people near and far.

My goal as a person of faith, Korean American, and singer-songwriter is to establish a ministry in music and have a positive impact on people's lives until the day the Lord calls me Home.