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Mission Statement

Resides an emerging artist, singer, songwriter and producer whose mission, is to make an impact for Jesus Christ by serving as a musicianary.


The story of Rick is the story of the God who lovingly pursued him. God has allowed this time to fulfill his calling through his passion for music. A Family man with five children and happily married to Joanne of 28 years.

Rick has been steadily pursuing his music since the age of seven when the opportunity came to learn how to play the guitar, later at the age of seventeen, began singing.
Rick had played secular music with his family, loving Brother Dean on drums, baby sister Carmen, lead vocalists, and three other musicians-making up a five plus one group simply named, " Bogart " and made it his living for five years.

Following his renewed commitment to Jesus Christ in 1992, he began living out his faith.

The lord had led Rick and his family in 1993 from California to Maryland. When the Bogart's had found a church family and plugged in, Rick began singing in the church choir, became a member of a vocal group named "Under Construction". In 2011 join the National Christian Choir as a 1st Tenor.

With the releasing of his first CD ( "His Dream come True" ), entitled 'Reflect', along with also being founder of Reflect Ministries since 1998. Rick claims he wouldn't have been given the blessed privilege of being a serving artist, if it hadn't been foremost, Jesus Christ, the reason for it all.

Rick's dark soulful voice contrasts well with the energetic versatile pop styles, flavored with contemporary R&B and Rock influences.
Joanne his wife and his Friends have also joined him on the Reflect project. The special Artists includes the extremely talented Doug Benson of Commodore Recording Studio, who served as co-producer/engineer/pianist/vocals and 'Mentor'. Soothing vocals of Jenny Soto-Benson, harmonies from Under Construction including Mike, Eric, Steve & Mike S. The vocal group 4-Given Vicky, Cassandra, Denise & Kelly. The Gifted Paul Rosenstock on Lead Guitar and Chris " Blazin" Blazo on Drums.

The message the Reflect CD sends is one of 'Reflection', thanking God for our spouse's and the sacredness of marriage, children, the gift of the resurrection, power of prayer, cross-of Calvary, forgiveness and Heaven to name a few....
Rick's hope is that-as you listen to the songs, you too will take a moment and 'Reflect' on all the blessings God has given you..! Then re-direct all the "Glory" and "Thanksgiving" back to Him..!!

Rick's Challenge and personal Testament:

The message in the newest project entitled "You are loved", speaks of the unconditional Love God has for "You"!

Some of us are reluctant to step out in faith to the plan God has designed for each one of us. If you're like me, we are satisfied to just stay on shore and not go beyond the harbor; the unknown seas are vast and unpredictable.

I once read and truly believe that, " Adventures" begin when we DARE to do the impossible with God"... for years I struggled with the fear of failing in being used by God in furthering His kingdom. But because of the changes the Lord has made in my life, I am living proof and bear witness that he does deliver us from our FEARS, all we have to do is just let him take over, trust and give it all to Him, be courageous, take charge, and be challenged with the unknown, because God is with you and me. !

God promises, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I am with You! I loved you enough to die for you. It's what He does through us that we become true Reflect-ores of His love; we just need to give our Heart and Soul to Him who leads us. -Rick B.

Proceeds from the sales of the CD's or digital downloads go to support the Lords work and other existing Ministries in need of our prayers and support. Such as Feed the Children, Lupus Foundation, Full Gospel Prayer House Church in Bangalore and Children's Orphanage in India, and other Local Ministries.

You play a part...For His Glory.!!