Mickey Rose & Stronghold - website

Mission Statement

"Is to renew the faithful and open non-believers hearts to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."


Mickey Rose, former leader of Stronghold found himself returning to church in 2000 after 25 + years of absence. After giving his life to Christ, he became the Music Director at Ivor UMC in Ivor VA and started a praise team there. In just a short time that praise team was called to share their ministry in the community. As these opportunities grew Mickey followed Christ's lead to put is gift into action. Mickey and Pastor Don Chapman teamed up to write songs in the fall of 2001. Later Mickey met Ken Thames another pastor in the community who was a songwriter as well, Ken offered his lyrics to Mickey who put the music and arrangement in place. The group began recording in 2004 and finished their first project in October 2006.
Mickey and his wife with another couple went on to start a Christian Biker Church in Isle of Wight, VA in 2011. And recorded their second CD Stop Runnin From God which was released in Oct. of 2011. The CD has landed in numerous Radio Stations around the world.