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Mission Statement

Educate, Encourage, and Empower victims of Domestic Violence
To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ
To partner with charities with a common vision to serve the community


Singer/Songwriter, Diana Stimmler Winkler, states that her directive and mission are strong, but simple: Not just to entertain, but to offer a musical safe haven. Her story, behind the lyrics, is one that has led her to embrace individuals who have been trapped in the, behind closed doors, subject of spousal abuse.

Diana's artistic journey began when she was a young child. While growing up in Phoenix, AZ, she was involved in various forms of the Arts, which included theatre, choir and dance. Diana felt that she had been created to cultivate these gifts to serve others. When attending Bible College in Fairfax, VA, Diana received formal voice and piano training. Her studies also focused on overseas missions and church music. Diana also used her language skills to minister to the Hispanic community. It was during this period of time that the vision of a music ministry began to take form within her.
Armed with education, experience and an invigorated passion for music, Diana began to make a name for herself within the local music community. Diana's musical expression of classical and traditional church worship music was best known for the blend of a deep, low range and soaring high notes. Throughout the upcoming years, she led various worship teams as a lead vocalist, choir director, church pianist, and also used her abilities to teach voice to aspiring students. Her skills and passion for local and global ministries enabled her to be part of church planting in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Arizona, along with serving in the countries of Puerto Rico and Canada.
But all was not well with Diana at home. She was a wife who had become a victim of verbal and emotional abuse from her husband. She describes her despair, "I felt like I was trapped, and none of the options in front of me were very good ones. So, for a long time, I stayed." This kind of darkness was changing Diana from the inside out. Her life as a Christian musicianary was beautiful and she blessed many others, yet all the while, the feelings of emptiness, depression and hopelessness in her personal life began to take its toll. Diana says, "I woke up one morning more depressed than I have been in my whole life. I could not imagine bearing another year in this prison. I cried out to God, and said, ' I can't live like this anymore. I am willing to take whatever consequences are for leaving this marriage, but I am getting out before it destroys me." She knew that God had a plan for her life, and held on to that promise. Through much prayer and supplication, Diana decided to leave. This was one of the hardest, but necessary decisions she had ever made.

Today, having been blessed with her current musician husband, Brian, Diana finds herself in the midst of the ministry that had been part of her early dreams. Residing in Scottsdale, AZ, Diana and Brian are writing original songs that have been birthed from her experiences. "This new project, which includes original songs and cover tunes, is a collection of music to educate, empower and encourage those who are going through and have survived domestic violence, both physical and emotional.", exclaims Diana. This compilation is a mix of genres from blues, jazz, flamenco and country influences, taking a different direction from her first CD, Classic Favorites. Not only is Diana working to increase awareness of domestic violence within her church and community, she is also compelled to serve the homeless, seniors, veterans and those who are on the mission field. She has been sharing her music at many churches and local events, including the church she currently attends in Scottsdale, AZ, "Diana has a willing, sweet heart and a beautiful voice that complements her personality. She has been a valuable added member to our arts and worship team here at FBC Scottsdale.", says Jessie Young, Director of Fine Arts, First Baptist Church, Scottsdale, AZ.

With her sophomore project entitled "Break These Chains" slated for release in early 2013, Diana is prepared to take her voice to those who need it. She states," The many trials I went through made me draw closer to God fast. I learned a lot about serving others and about what I believed and why. Jesus gets sweeter everyday, and He has been ever faithful." With these words in her heart, now spoken aloud, Diana feels that she has truly stepped into her calling.

*bio prepared by THE INNER VIZION