Trish Torline - website

Mission Statement

Her original music is a testimony of her journey, capturing in music, a vivid description of how God has worked in her life.


Living a life fully dedicated to Christ, laughing through its many adversities and loving the woman God has destined for you to be, is the blessed assurance people are desperately seeking for today. Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and mentors alike, share a common goal to live, laugh, and love just as our Lord and Savior lived for us, laughed in the face of adversities, and loved us beyond measure.

Trish Torline understands those deep tenants of our Christian faith and strives to share her vision by dedicating her life to helping people achieve the innate desire to live, laugh, and love for Christ. Trish has spent years performing and recording Christian music that stills and directs the hearts and minds of the Lord's people. Exceptionally blessed by God, Trish has also used her spiritual gifts to write a children's book, conduct and witness for the Lord as a middle school band director, and has recently released her new CD "Live Laugh Love" on Creative Soul Records in Nashville.

Trish's life is lead by God's will and her inspired ambition is to use her gifts to lead people to a deeper commitment and personal relationship with their Creator. In seeking God's will, Trish shares the Lord's blessings in her own life through her music, testimony, and faith with audiences across the US. She endeavors to bring people everywhere to a fuller understanding of the Lord's will for their own lives as they live, laugh, and love together in the Lord.