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Mission Statement

Ministry to lead God's people in fervent praise and sincere worship and to minister encouragement within the body of Christ and without as his coming approaches


Martin Adu is a music minister,an inspirational gospel
music artist based in Leiden, the Netherlands at the
Levensstroom Gemeente (Livingstream church).He started
singing at the age of 9 and has in the last 20 years a
varied experience in leading choirs, conducting gospel
music workshops and as guest soloist in different churches,
conferences and concerts in the Netherlands, England,
France, Nigeria, Ireland, Canada and the USA. He is
British born, (London) and his ability to speak other
languages like French , German and Nederlands (Dutch) has
been useful in reaching many in ministry.

His Story:

Growing up singing Hymns in a denominational church, and then coming into a personal relationship with Jesus, on encountering the evangelical christian world changed Martin's music forever. The words became important. The anointing became indispensible and positive comments from listeners in college brought a realisation of something special. Obeying the call, Martin ministers in Praise to God a worship leader and in encouragement as a christian musical artist.

The various musical influences he has had plus his warm baritone with heartfelt singing have touched hearts and make him a joy to listen to, and much in demand. Martin is at home whether as guest soloist with a large Gospel choir, a praise band or in Solo mode. His passion is infectuous and his heart for reaching listeners with the good news and encouraging is unmissable.

Awards: Nominated for Momentum Awards Urban Artist of the Year 2006 (Finalist)
Nominated for Momentum Awards Inspirational Artist of the year 2009


Let There Be Praise, I have his Promise, So good to know and More than Wonderful EP


Martin is married to beautiful Catherine and has 2 daughters Jane and Fiona. A great support they are.

Press reviews

Although many of us, myself included, have been guilty of treating religiously motivated music largely with indifference, it is admittedly refreshing to hear an album that is absolutely oozing with positivity. London-born and Holland-based music minister Martin Adu joyfully sings his way through twelve rapturous celebrations of Jesus and God, backed by the talents of the Praise Celebration Orchestra. .......It is strongest on the more soulful and euphoric numbers, the best example being 'So good', a lively and uplifting celebration which is possibly best imagined as an audio tete-a-tete between Stevie Wonder and God!

...........Mark Lee, Music Shopper forum

"Easy Listening Gospel with a huge string section and majestic choir/army of singers. These songs sound more like Lawrence Welk , but Adu delivers them with a moving devotion and a rich, powerful voice.

--Lycos Music: Martin Adu - Biography