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Mission Statement


At 8 years old...after a long afternoon of playing "chopsticks" at his Aunt Polly's house, Jeramy was sentenced by his parents to a couple of years of piano lessons, because of his obvious "interest". By the time he had finished, he knew that he was interested in music, but needed to try something WAY cooler than the piano. Drums...yes, drums were the answer...

Jeramy went on to play drums all through his teenage years and twenties; recording and playing gigs in the San Francisco bay area with The Plain Janes, Shadrach, Jackson Jackson, Starfish5, and East of Western. He began teaching himself to play guitar and almost immediately began writing songs.

Growing up in the church, it was obvious that playing in the worship band was the way he could serve. Jeramy played in the worship band at his home church until he and his wife Sharon were called to First Christian Church in northern CA. Jeramy was hired as the Director of Creative Arts, in 2002.

In December of 2006, Jeramy began recording his debut solo album, entitled "It's Never Too Late" with 3 time dove award winning producer Masaki Liu, at One Way Studios in Benicia California. "It's Never Too Late" is full of songs that offer hope to those who need it, and resonate with people that love God and desire to make a difference for Him in our world.

Jeramy and his lovely wife Sharon live in northern CA with their four wonderful children.