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Mission Statement

I have dedicated my life to serving the Lord, and love to do what I can to share the love of God with others. I consider it a miracle I have survived, and that my hands can still work enough to play the guitar. I live to honor Jesus Christ and to lift Him and His Commandments up. Music is a beautiful and exciting medium with which to spread the good news of the gospel throughout the world. The end draws near, yet, there is still time to worship him with a spiritual song and to gather His chosen people...thank God.


John "Bannerman" Barron's Bio...

John Barron picked up the guitar at the age of 11 and has been playing since. Barron has been a reputable guitarist and singer-songwriter in Western Massachusetts and in Central N.C., for over three decades, releasing his first singles, "The Light" and "Butterfly" in 1976. Since the early 1990's, Barron has written and recorded five albums and recently completed his sixth album, "The Greatest Commandment."

John "Bannerman" Barron has been an active music ministry leader for over 20 years. He has been a co-producer of the Great Awakening Festival in New England, and leader for several years of the March for Jesus in Northampton, Ma., and has founded his own independent Christian rock label, Love Light Records. John also managed The Upper Room Christian Ministries, Inc., a small non-profit charity organization, which hosted the "Upper Room Cafe for several years.

John also hosted the New England Christian Network radio program at WACE Radio in the Springfield, Ma. region, and later hosted and managed the Christian radio station, WLPV FM 107.9 , ." The Light of the Pioneer Valley," prior to moving to North Carolina with his wife, Johanne, in 2006.

The radio/podcast programs Barron hosts, "Bannerman" (WLPV RADIO,and WACE AM730, is inspired by the character portrayed by singer/producer Steve Taylor in his tune called "Bannerman". John wants to lift up the banner of Jesus and hopes you will join him in the wonderful task. A new podcast, "The Greatest Commandment," featured on WACE AM730 Radio, focuses on the love of God displayed in His greatest commandment.

John has endured a rare and painful combination of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Vasculitis. and his hands, feet and connective tissues have become crippled. In recent years he has had heart disease, and has had open-heart surgery in 2003, and again in July, 2011. Despite hardship and pain, John has dedicated his life to serving the Lord, and loves to do what he can to share the love of God with others. He considers it a miracle he has survived, and that his hands can still work enough to play the guitar. John had hand surgery Nov, 4th, 2013,and thank the Lord, enabled him to continue playing.

At this time, John is a member of the worship team at Crosslink Community Church in Mebane, North Carolina. Please visit his website, for inspiring "Bannerman!!!" podcasts and original music.

John has now produced his newest original musical production, "The Greatest Commandment." which includes music from his recent EP-CD, "Omnipresence" and many new tunes. It features an eclectic mixture of styles including blues, jazz-rock tunes, praise and worship and pop. Selections include, "In the Sky" and "The Greatest Commandment." One of his daughters, Llana, along with his wife Johanne will be singing together on the newest recording. It is now available on CD Baby, iTunes and a number of other CD distributors. Individual cuts from the CD are also available.
In May of 2012, John was blessed to receive full funding on Kickstarter, for his latest Christian CD, "The Greatest Commandment." He completed recording at Dark Pines Studios, in Graham, NC.
John lives in Mebane, NC., with his wife (and childhood sweetheart) of 43 years, Johanne, who has also sung and recorded with him in many bands.