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Mission Statement

After searching desperately for my purpose and significance in life it has only been through Christ that I have found what I have been looking for. All that I could ever need or want is found in Him. Through very difficult circumstances as well as in times of enormous blessing, He has been the one constant. My solid Foundation. My Rock! It is my greatest desire to share the gift of Christ and all that He is with others so that their lives may be changed in a miraculous way as well.


Dorothy Savage launches into Christian music with her debut album, Glorious Mess, as a fresh exciting
voice that is a powerhouse in more ways than one. She sings these songs passionately and personally to the Lord with a talented voice but she also has a voice to speak strength to her Christian sisterhood in living out a new chapter in a life that has already lived more than one amazing 'dream come true.' From earning her music degree in college to the bright footlights of the Broadway theater stage in New York-and now the recording studios of Nashville-the spark of kinetic energy and bright "can do" spirit that is Dorothy Savage has won the personal battles in her own young life with the simple realization that real strength comes in letting go of her own agenda and letting God have His way.
Freedom is a theme that resounds through her music and message on the new project. It's one Dorothy is passionate about.
"When I wrote the song, 'End of Me,' with my producer Marty Magehee, I was at a very frustrated point in my life. I'm a perfectionist who has always been motivated to work harder, reach higher! Nothing I did was good enough to me-inspite of the praise of other people-I was always empty and exhausted by having fallen short of my own expectations. I remember one day falling in a heap and crying out to God, 'Why can't I just get it right?' What He said back to me, changed my life. In my heart, I could hear Him saying, 'Dorothy, I never asked you to be perfect--or anything more than you are-this glorious mess you think you are-is exactly who I created you to be! When I got over myself and my own insecurities-when I came to the end of me,' I came to the point God could use me."
For her first project, Dorothy has enlisted the help of some of Nashville's best talent to create an album as multi-faceted as she herself can be. Producers Marty Magehee, (of 4HIM) has creatively worked with her in studio over the months it took to assemble the music. Chris Omartian (Rubyz, Atomic Blonde)
produced two songs. Great song writers contributed the content to Dorothy's voice - including: Chris
Sligh (American Idol), Dan Muckala ( Backstreet Boys) Jill Philips, and Cindy Morgan.
Crafted around the message of Glorious Mess, the album unfolds as an autobiographical lifeline of songs that trace Dorothy's journey of the heart and lyrics that touch the unchanging core of God's truth. "I am a 'glorious mess' with raw edges and a mountain of imperfections! However, I came to realize that Jesus loves me because of these things-rather than in spite of them. It was a beautiful moment of revelation in my life!"
Dorothy Savage emerges on the tracks of Glorious Mess as a compelling new voice with a message in her music of what life looks 'over the wall' in God's light. Having escaped her own personal chains of a
scarred childhood of deprivation and insecurities that led to the 'tyranny of perfection' and unrealistic
expectations that haunted her, she's committed to bring encouragement.
"I came to realize in my own life, God not only can look beyond our weakness-He can look beyond our
perceived 'strength' and give our hearts a place to rest. I hope my music will encourage others to find that place."