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Mission Statement

To purchase a Waiting's End - solo piano vol. 1 CD or download, please go to or click the "website" link above. Thank you!

To bring peace and calm into people's lives through music that will lead them to the Lord, whether that be through solo piano instrumental music or singer/songwriter songs.


KeithTim Anderson is a singer/songwriter/composer who has just released a solo piano album.
Originally from Wisconsin, KeithTim Anderson lives in the Nashville TN area as a singer/songwriter/composer. His first release in a long time, "Waiting's End - solo piano vol. 1" brought him back to his early roots of turning piano lesson mistakes into solo piano songs...not good for his classical piano lessons, per se, but good, overall, for learning how to turn a mistake into a melody! His hope is that the music will bring a sense of calm hope and melody back into the lives of those who hear it, help them realize that they are part of something bigger than themselves and that there is One who truly cares about them who can turn their mistakes into melodies as well. Sit down, relax and enjoy it over a cup of coffee with a friend!
- If you'd like to listen to it on CD or give them as gifts to those you love, head on over to to get the album. - Thanks to Jeremy Cowart for the photos!