Colton Lane

Mission Statement

I want to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ, share with them the hope of the Gospel, and lead them to the feet of God with my music.



My name is Colton Lane. I am from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and have a passion for music and for the ministry! I am also a worship pastor at a local church here in Bartlesville. I'm an avid Star Wars fan! Like sports? So do I! Boomer Sooner and Thunder up! Did I mention that in college I played croquet? I won a national championship and received mvp honors! Don't believe me? I've go t a ring and a trophy to prove it. Anyway, I am a chill, laid back kind of guy who has a passion for ministry and a heart for music. Oh, and thanks for reading my bio! You're awesome! Stay awesome!

-Colton Lane