Bonnie Yvonne Wolfman

Mission Statement

It is the heart of this mission to embark on an enterprise of creative expression (through the Spirit) in order to break down genre and barriers between the formality of the church and secular society. The Beauty of the Lord has been suppressed on many levels within the modern church and we, as artist believers, have a unique opportunity to be conduits of healing. We are living in such a pivotal time in spiritual and physical history, it is imperative for God's people to globally leave an indelible Kingdom mark.


Musical and spiritual roots run deep in a childhood that was surrounded and steeped in the rhythm of heaven. I was raised on a mixture of sounds that encompassed the Hawaiian surf, southwest mesas and European landscapes. I love creating vocal textures in musical arrangements, along with guitar and percussion, to weave messages/ testimonies of human struggle and God's great love and mercy into original psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Personally, I have traveled "a multitude of paths" in one lifetime and have found peace, strength and purpose on an intimate path of faith in God. The power of music as creative expression is a catalyst to healing (mind, body, soul, and spirit) and has always been a profound influence on me. I am constantly amazed at the stories of hearts that have been moved or changed through music.

As a professional and lay counselor, I have had the opportunity to walk alongside diverse groups of people through difficult places of suffering. In using biblical precepts as a foundation and the transformational power of the Spirit, I have witnessed amazing renewal. An avid supporter of world outreach, I take deeply to heart the words of Matthew 28:19 ~ that the church, as a company of believers, is to be an active force in bringing hope, strength and the light of the gospel to people around the world. Not only in words, but hands on reality. ~ raw faith in human form. Apart from music and media venues, ministering to the needs of others in intimate settings, and one-on-one with those who endure emotional, spiritual and physical trauma, is, I believe, the heart of this ministry. Where the reality of God's Spirit and Glory truly manifests itself ~