josh byars

Mission Statement

To spread the message of hope and life to the world through the language of music.


Born and raised in Northern,Illinois I developed a passion for music that started in my grandpa's church at age 3. By age 9 I starting playing drums and music just became part of my everyday life from that point on. During my pre-teen and teenage years I fell away from God for several years. I was still playing music in Rock and metal bands and living the substance abusive lifestyle that usually goes with it. By age 19 I had already done just about everything wrong in life possible and I began searching for the real meaning of life. It was during this time in 2002 that the gospel of Christ starting to invade my life again and I began a transformation that is still continuing to this day. After using drugs for 6 years I finally with the help of the Holy Spirit was able to get off everything by March of 2003. I meet my wife to be a few months later and we married in 2006 she is the better part of me and if it was not for her I wouldn't be here today. I have been actively involved in the local church scene for the last 12 years severing in every area with most of the time being in music ministries. God has allowed me to travel across this country and even into Asia playing guitar and leading worship. I have also had the privilege of performing with a few better know names in the industry as well. After many years of helping and serving others we felt if was time to start my own project and thus I started recording my first solo EP this past year. It now May of 2015 and my record is being mastered this week. It will be ready for release in the next couple of weeks. I owe my life and all that we have to the grace of God.