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Mission Statement

Living to Live like Jesus, Love Like Jesus, and Serve like Jesus. God has given me the art of music and I want to use that art to fight for the Gospel and shine light into the world of darkness! There's hope and Life in Jesus Christ and I intend on sharing it!


I'm Austin French and I am 21 years old. I am a Lover of Jesus Chirst, A incredibly blessed Husband to a beautiful, out of my league wife, I am a Full-time Worship Pastor at Journey Church in TIfton, Ga, and I am a Contemporary Christian Artist. In all these things I strive to do 2 specific things. Put God above them all and do my very best.

I am the runner up on 2014 ABC's summer show Rising Star. I am so very grateful for that opportunity that God sent me out on. I am now working on my debut Album and touring around the southern region of the US sharing the gospel through my music, I am writing music that come from the heart of my life, struggles,and victories pointing to Jesus in it all. Thanks for checking me out!

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