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Mission Statement

Pastor Charles lets people know that God loves them and that salvation is possible only through Jesus Christ. Bro. Charles encourages Christians to believe God for what seems to be impossible! We hope these songs build believers up in love. We want all people, everywhere, to experience abundant life in Christ Jesus!


Preacher. Musician. Singer. Producer

Kinda ol' skool, a little bit kooky n' kool, and definitely Gospel - Brother Charles is happy to present: "The Gospel, Just a Little Bit Louder". This guy has a way of crankin' up the tubes til they start to glow orange . . .

Brother Charles' is musical stylist who is a little bit difficult to pigeon-hole. Here we have an interesting, eclectic, blend of Blues, Black American Gospel, Rock-a-billy, Classic Rock and Southern Gospel. Charles takes these varied musical elements and weaves them into a rich, well-balanced blend that is uniquely, "Brother Charles". What does this mean exactly? Well, you get ya some vibe, kool grooves, vintage instrument tones and then massage them with modern recording practices. This collection of uplifting, joyous songs offers the listener a unique Christian music experience.

Brother Charles is a freelance writer, audio-product review specialist, Gospel music artist, educator and minister. Charles had been a professional touring & recording musician during the nineties; working primarily as a lead guitarist in the Canadian country music industry.

Brother Charles has a wealth of live sound experience and now has his finger on the pulse of professional music producing and quality home-based recording.

This brief catalog of self-produced songs is entirely a solo effort. While that statement may seem to imply some kind of self-praise, the opposite is actually the truth. Any faux pas you may hear in these recordings can not be blamed on a 3rd party engineer or supporting musician. . . *Grin.