Hadassah Berne

Mission Statement

Eternally grateful to God for giving her the opportunity to reach out to people with the Shir Haddash (New Song) that He has placed in her heart, Hadassah's on a mission! A mission to save the lost, encourage the broken-hearted and bring healing through her music in the name of the Holy One, who is able to make that difference in this world through worship. She puts it this way, "Music is a weapon. You can use it to pierce hearts and change lives. You can also use it to break hearts and destroy lives. Yes, music is powerful enough to make a difference; it does have a purpose. I desire to use it for the good. I'm just a vessel of God's Hands. I've been given the voice to sing and just give a little more joy; also to reach out to those who are desperately searching for hope. I plan on continuing in this life-long journey, which is music!"


Hadassah Jewish singer/songwriter who started singing at the early age of eight.

She began singing in choirs and then as a soloist at age thirteen; invitations came pouring in requesting her to sing at National and International conferences. Because of her Ashkenazi and Sephardic roots, Hadassah includes Israeli and Sephardic music as a part of her style along with a fusion of soul and acoustic genres. Ready and willing to deliver her message in song on the redemption of Israel, Hadassah sings led by the Holy Spirit, uplifting both Jew and Gentile alike for the edification of all people.

In 1997 at seventeen years of age, she began writing songs, which birthed the single that launched the release of her very first EP titled, "Dreams of my Heart" Shortly after, she was requested to sing the National Anthem at various events at the City of Miami in front of the Mayor and City Commissioners.

In spring of 2006, she released her very first EP, Titled "Dreams of my Heart."

In summer of 2007 Hadassah released her first full album titled, "Restore Israel" which was produced by world renowned Recording Artist, Billy Whitman. Restore Israel is comprised of original songs by Hadassah and also includes traditional songs such as "Hava Nagila" and "Avinu Malkienu" revised to her own unique style. The album was also debuted in South Florida at the Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center, The North Miami Beach Performing Arts Center in Florida, and on her Restore Israel National Tours and in Central America. Restore Israel has also received airplay in various radio stations.

Hadassah travels around the world bringing the message of hope and joy through her songs. She has opened on numerous ocassions for Messianic Recording Artist, Paul Wilbur, Phillip Stanley Klein, and has sung with Adam Ben Joshua and recorded and sung with Carolyn Hyde, just to name a few.

Coming out with a fresh new sound, Hadassah releases her latest (Sophomore) album, "In Your Shadow!" This album is filled with fusions of music such as you've probably never heard before in one album alone! Acoustic, soul, middle-eastern, reggae and even a little hip-hop will get you jumping and worshipping at the same time. Containing a collection of Hadassah's most intimate and 'up-beat' songs about love, hope, faith, and joy, "In Your Shadow" will take you to the next level in love songs to God, encouragement to the broken-hearted, and joy to all. Featuring Rapper, RELENTLESS along with a few other talented singers and musicians, this is an Album you'll definitely want to pick up!