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Mission Statement

Great Music for a Great Cause.
Jerry Schroeder's new EP, Mustard Seed, is a powerful CD in music, message and mission. From the title track, which communicates the struggle one can have with their faith, to Pass It On, which touches the heart as Jerry reflects on "passing on" the blessings that we have all been given, this new release is a breakthrough in many ways.

As Pass It On shows Jerry's heart of giving, this CD moves the mission of giving forward as ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS CD GO DIRECTLY TO FATHER'S HOUSE INTERNATIONAL.


"A Mustard Seed [of faith] Lord, You said that's all I'd need, but right now it seems it's all I've got." We've all been there: the loss of a job, a death of someone close to us, a grim diagnosis. Sometimes it's struggling to do the mission the Lord has placed you on, and other times it is the commonness of dealing with the harsh realities that we face in our everyday existence. It's that mountain in your life whose very shadow feels like it is crushing you. It was during one of these moments, the Lord gave Jerry Schroeder the song "Mustard Seed". A man, who once thought his faith was solid and resolved, was brought to his knees in a humbling moment. It was in that moment that Jerry cried out and his prayer was simple - "I believe, Lord help my unbelief." In Mark, Jesus tells a man who is asking for a miracle to "believe." The man's response was, "I believe, Lord, help my unbelief." How can one believe and not believe at the same time? Jerry experienced this emotion and describes it like this, "When you know in your heart that God is in control, yet circumstances and doubt captivate your mind, you call on the Lord in despair and let Him know you believe. But it is that doubt and fear that you need help overcoming thus, "Help my unbelief.'" Mustard Seed is a metaphor for these times in one's life, and beautifully paints the picture of sorrow, doubt, fear, and unbelief and then overcoming every one of them through Yeshua and shouting for JOY when He reaches down, pulls you out of the sea of hopelessness, and builds that Mustard Seed into a mountain of faith. Experience this journey as you listen, and be encouraged as He builds your faith.

In John 17:26 Jesus said, "And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: (in order)that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them". In the album "Your Name," Jerry takes up the charge to again make known the name of God in the title song, "Your Name." May the love of the father radiate through all that are His.