Larry Enriquez Band

Mission Statement

I am created and loved by God, and I am here to love God, to enjoy Him and to pursue Him with all of my life. I will love my wife with all my heart and I am committed to her until death should part us. I am here to love my children more than my own life and will present them to Jesus as His own. I will love and Shepherd His body as He permits, for they are my family and He died for her. I will seek to do all that I do for Him, for I am His. I am going to heaven, and I will seek to take as many as I can with me,
For as long as God gives me ability in mind, heart and voice, I will proclaim this life, to and for God's glory.


I've been married for over 30 years and I love my wife and as long as God gives me breath I will work to love her like Christ loves the church (she's easy to love). I have 4 children from my first wife...ok, my only wife. I was ordained in 1979, the same year I graduated from seminary. I currently pastor Ontario Comm. Christian Church. I love to write and play music as it's part of the very fabric of my life. Some of it is put on paper and or recorded, and for that I am grateful. I am oh so grateful for the wonderful people of OCCChurch who support this ministry of music.
I thank God and the wonder of His Grace that He has brought me such good friends that partner with me in this pilgrimage of music:
STEVE ZELT, Director of "Music of Life" music videos and my official kicker of behinds (kob) to get things moving and accomplished.
TOM FARRAR (Father), Lead Guitar, Key Boards
TOM FARRAR III (Tom's son). Bass Guitar, Sound and Recording Engineer, Professional Ears and Arranger
MIKE FARRAR (Tom the Father's brother), Drums (Hey, maybe this should be called the Farrar Band)
THERESE, my beautiful wife, Background vocals, Harmonica player, Flute when we need it
LARRY ENRIQUEZ, Song Writer, Guitar, Vocals