Cheri Showalter - website

Mission Statement

Pulling songs and stories from her own journey of faith, Cheri strives to use music as a way to paint a picture of the many facets involved in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Music has always been an integral part of Cheri's life. A pivotal time in her spiritual journey came as a teenager when she joined her church's worship team. As they nurtured her growing faith and musical abilities, God placed a new dream in her heart to sing and write for His glory and purpose. As Cheri grappled with the dream of music ministry, she found herself face to face with underlying insecurities and fears that had a stronghold on her life since childhood. Intrigued and challenged by the promises found in Jeremiah 29:11-13, she began to seek God in a way she never had before. As she studied and applied the Word of God, she began to witness her heart changing and the transforming power of God working in her life.

She continues to learn and embraces each new season as an opportunity to grow closer to God, while passing along seeds of faith to the next generation. Taking the words in Psalm 40:9-10 literally, she strives to "not seal her lips or hide Jesus" but instead "speak of His faithfulness, love and truth". She aims to live her life as a "living memorial to show that God is faithful to His promises" as described in Psalm 92:15 (amplified).

Driven by the awesome, unchanging love of God, she challenges her listeners to move on to the next level in their faith, knowing that true freedom and change can only be obtained through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She longs for people to move beyond the walls of "religion" and their past to find freedom and a victorious life in Christ, regardless of their present circumstances. She believes that when we flourish in our relationship with Jesus and have a growing faith, God is glorified. Her goal is to know Christ deeper and make Him known.

Believing that God uses music as a unique way of speaking to our hearts and drawing us to Himself, Cheri offers songs that invite us to personally encounter Jesus for the first time or in a fresh new way. Cheri, a self-taught pianist and guitarist, draws inspiration from her own personal times with God as well as from everyday life experiences to compose honest, reflective songs that encourage growing faith and worship. Passionate about the Bible, she desires to teach and "feed" people the Truth through music. She brings hope to her listeners and leaves them holding onto promises found only in the Word of God.

Cheri's first full-length CD entitled "One Eye Open" was released in November 2003. This collection of Word inspired songs captures moments from her journey of faith. Her Christmas song entitled "Unwrap the Gift" was recently released to radio. She also continues to write for her next recording project. "Sappy Seeds Publishing" was created by Cheri as a way to share her writing and music with others.

Cheri resides in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband Nathan and their four children.