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Mission Statement

"My goal has always been to introduce people to Christ, but not just one time and only one aspect of who He is. I want to introduce him as Savior to the lost, healer to the hurting, Father to the orphan, Hope to the disillusioned, and Lover to the Bride, I think songs and music do this so effectively."


Early Years
Passion can sometimes be an overused word when describing worship music, but if you had to boil down Nate Marialke's life and music to one word, "passion" would fit. Nate's journey towards using music as a language of worship began at 4 years old when he had a significant experience with God during a time of worship in his small childhood church in rural Michigan. Ever since then his heart longed for that connection with God and would eventually turn into a desire to helps others encounter God through original music.

At 17 Nate picked up a guitar and after learning a few chords began to write his first songs. Right away he was noted for writing heartfelt songs that took life's deepest questions directly to God and ultimately inspiring worship. As a teen he was often asked to share his latest songs at gatherings, church services, and small groups.

After a time of struggle as a teenager Nate found his way into a worship service where God once again met Nate in a powerful way. At this "fork in the road" Nate abandoned his dreams of being an artist and whole heartedly followed a call to preach the gospel. But a passion for using music to communicate God's heart only grew.

After graduating college in Florida Nate went to Germany as a missionary for 6 months. There he helped establish a music ministry in a local church and began traveling as a worship leader and speaker. He continues to have a traveling ministry in Germany and other European countries today. God has used Nate to lead thousands of people into worship and hundreds have found healing and faith in Christ.

The Albums
By the time Nate turned 20 he had a fist full of original songs and people began requesting CDs. With a desire to bring original Christian music into non-church venues Nate started a rock band on New Year's Eve 1999. The band "Core" went into the studio and released it's self titled EP and a follow up EP, "More Than Oceans", 3 years later. "Core" brought Rock based worship music to clubs, lounges, festivals and churches. During these years Nate began to learn the ins and outs of running a ministry band, performing in front of new audiences, and continued to hone his song writing craft. He also accepted a full time job as a church worship leader in West Michigan.

In 2005 Nate turned down an independent recording contract in obedience to what he felt God was directing him to do. Nate re-evaluated his dreams and found a deep lingering desire to record and release an album of original worship songs in the live environment of his home church. In 2006 "Heaven's Hero" was released. Nate was pleasantly surprised when other churches began requesting the songs and incorporating the them into their local worship culture.

By 2007 Nate had toured in Europe and was accepting invitations to lead worship all over the USA. "Heaven's Hero" was going strong but winds of change were blowing. Sensing the leading of the Lord Nate took a position as the Worship Leader under Pastor Richard Crisco in Rochester, Mi. He also met His lovely wife Katherine Marialke and was married in 2008. More songs began to flow out of the worship culture at his new church and in 2010 Katherine encouraged him to step out an release another album. Nate met up with producers Steve Hindalong and Stephen Leiweke out of Nashville, TN, "Your Kingdom Come" was born. This was a "half and half" album, Half studio and half live. With this release Nate began to move back to his roots as a studio rock singer and writer but with the foundation of praise and worship ministry. People began to take notice as Nate's music was being picked up by radio stations in the mid-west. One notable song "Rest", earned a place on YES FM Toledo's "top independent songs of 2010". "Rest" was also made into a stirring music video that captured the heart of the successful TV station, GOD TV, it was added to their play list. Nate was the only independent artist to be featured on their music video program at that time.

While touring "Your Kingdom Come" and leading worship at his local church Nate began to dig deep, writing new songs that would help people realize what Christ has done for them. Nate wanted people to experience the truth of God's word with meaningful lyrics and unconventional melodies and music. These songs have become the most requested songs of Nate's career. In the fall of 2011 Nate and Katherine's heart began to stir to record these new songs, in fact, they sensed it was "a calling". With zero budget they began to step out in faith and God provided for every single expense.

In January of 2012 Nate and Katherine again connected with Stephen Leiweke in Nashville to begin Nate's first full length studio project that would be titled "Rise From Zion". They also enlisted the help of Grammy award winning songwriter and producer Mark Heimermann who arranged and recorded strings for 2 songs. Nate's touring band played several of the tracks on this album making this a truly original and passionate sound.

In the midst of recording "Rise from Zion" the band completed a 10 city tour in Germany that blew all of their minds. Nate said,

"I saw things on this tour that I have not seen in 12 years of ministry; deaf ears opened right in front of me, tumors being removed in the name of Jesus and dozens of people publically putting their faith in Christ for the first time!"

This experience inspired Nate to finish the project with two brand new songs "Hands of the Healer" and "Heaven to this Situation". With much anticipation "Rise From Zion" is set to be released on August 12th.

The Heart of if All
Nate continues to lead worship and train worship leaders in his local church while touring and accepting invitations all over America and Europe. His heart is steadfast in continuing the journey into the presence of God and inviting people to journey with him.