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Mission Statement

Shine His light, share His love, point people to The Way. Write, sing, tell and LIVE it!

Life Verse:
Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."


Kim is a singer, songwriter, speaker, motivator, musician, vocal coach as well as a Mom and a pastor's wife.

I am a Californian (that is a Northern Californian - there's a HUGE difference between the North and South here. All those jokes about California "falling off into the ocean" are about the Southern Californians, NOT us Northerners.) I am also known as "the pastor's wife" in these parts. My husband, Rob is Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Tracy. I have three delightful miracles -my children, Nathaniel- 5; Keira- 2; and Luke- 3 months old.

I wrote "The Lion" 5 days after the 9/11 tragedy hit America (and the world). When I wrote that song, it was like I was in another realm for a moment, where time is non-existent. And for an instant I was catching a glimpse of the entire canvas rather than my usual view of the one dot of paint.

"Though my righteousness is as filthy rags, the Maker of my soul brings mercies new each morning..." I am fully aware of my own wretched soul. It was extremely shabby in the pre-Jesus-dwelling-in-me state. I am still a beat up, greasy garage-rag inside, except now I have the Spirit of Jesus living in me. Please God, let people see more of Your radiant garments and less of my filthy rags!

"I look right past you, standing there in front of me. How stupid can I be?" These lyrics in "Call Me Crazy" could apply to a relationship with a person, but in my case, I am talking about how I can be like a deer in the headlights - blind to all the lover of my soul has to offer.

Becoming a Senior Pastor's wife was not anywhere on my agenda, nor was waiting 6 years for my first child. In my own young mind, I had it all planned at 13. Become a famous singer (you know the story - get married at 25, have 2 kids - be famous, skinny and perfect). But Someone else had His own plans for me. He wanted me to learn that the gifts He bestowed on me weren't about making ME famous, but about making HIM famous.

So instead of granting me my fabulous wishes, God was (I imagine) laughing heartily as he brought my husband who was making 6 figures OUT of Egypt and into the career of shepherd. We desired children, but God desired to have us WAIT on him and then performed a miracle at a very crucial time in our lives. 9 months after planting our church in Tracy God allowed me to be pregnant with our first child, Nathaniel (meaning Given by God). I believe He had me wait also for the purpose of teaching me that being a Mother is a privilege, joy and responsibility that should be kept a higher priority than a career.

So I have to laugh at myself when I sometimes still talk like I know where I am going to be even in a month from now. God's turned my ship around way too many times! Let "if it is the Lord's Will" be my new motto.

I recorded my third project in Nashville with Producer John Pisciotta. I had the opportunity to co-write with John and his wife Robin (AKA Robin Welty), and we came up with the song "Call Me Crazy". I also recorded the song "The Lion" - a fan favorite, and "Down Before Him" a song about surrendering every anxiety, fear and pain before the Father.

My most recent little project is a demo that includes 2 different versions of a song I recently wrote called "the Promise". The Promise Part 1 is based upon Psalm 84. I wrote the verses after hearing a beautiful message by speaker/pottery lady, Carole Wolaver. The Promise Part 1 is the unfulfilled promise, as we long for the day we may enter in to the splendorous gates of heaven. I hope you will be hearing Part 1 on the radio. The Long version of the promise also includes Part 2, which is the Fulfilled Promise - what we will experience (as I imagine it) once we FINALLY GET THERE!!!!!!!!!!!
In Colossians, we are told that in order to live a life free from the sinful desires of this world, we need to keep our focus on heaven and our future home.

This project also includes a beautilful worship song, written by Jamie Hoeffs, entitled "Love Psalm".
If you turn it UP all the way, you will hear track 4, which I recorded on a Zoom in my living room: a song I wrote for my little girl, Baby Blue Eyes is there for you to enjoy, and you'll get a little surprise on Track 5.

If God chooses to use my music or testimony or ANYTHING about me at all to soften a heart or tickle someone's ears to hear His message for their life, all I can say is, "thankyou Jesus." I might add, "whoa".

Kim and her husband Rob have four beautiful miracles - Nathaniel, Keira, Lucas, and Bethany.