Mission Statement

Love God, love people and make music that reflects that.


Hello all,

I'm Calandra.
(that's pronounced kuh-lawn-druh...if you were wondering! )

I don't have a fancy bio in third person, as of yet, but I can give you a glimpse of who I am here.

Jesus is the beat of my heart and everything I am begins there.
I'm a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma City.
"Fearless" is my first CD!!
I started singing when I was 9.
I've been singing and playing guitar publicly for about 3 years.
Nichole Nordeman is my favorite!
I lead worship here and there.
I text myself song ideas & lyrics while I drive sometimes.
I'm a writer. Poetry, songs, short stories, jingles for my own personal enjoyment... all of the above.
I love chai tea!
My heart is to write music that has a message and means something.

I think that wraps me up in a nutshell.

Thanks for visiting my page, hope the music moves you and points you to Him.

xoxo - Calandra.