Taylor Jordan - website

Mission Statement

I will praise, honor, and glorify God with the gift He has given me, encouraging the body of Christ, evangelizing the lost, and sharing God's love at all opportunities.


I've always had an interest in music. My mom tells me stories of how, when I was four years old, she would turn on the CD player and I would run around the living room singing and dancing with joy. As long as I can remember, I've always had a radio or an mp3 player laying around with my favorite tunes on it. I would go everywhere with my mp3 player, listening to it at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, at that time in my life, I didn't really care what music I listened to. I loved all kinds of music and sucked in as much of it as possible. But following the rededication of my life to God, I decided that, for me personally, it would be best to pull the plug on any and all artists that tended to glorify their sin nature.

When I made this decision, a door opened to genres of music like Christian Rap, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Country that I didn't even realize were so extensive! My lyrics took on an entirely different purpose. I tried to use my music to articulate how a relationship with God the Creator is the most important thing in life! All else falls second to God -- career, family, wants and needs. Although you can drive the sweetest car, own the largest house, and have the greatest family, if you don't have a relationship with God, and haven't lived your life sincerely to the glory of Him, you've lost!

I'm still learning how to best communicate God's word through music, but personally, I've grown a lot. I hope and pray that people who hear my music will be impacted by the testimony of a changed life and influenced by a reckless love for God. Because for me, music is but a means of spreading God's message of truth, grace, and judgment. A vehicle for discipleship and evangelism.