Kevin MalcolmLATEST STATUS: Download the new song "Hypocrite I" for free! Open the redeem tab and enter the code 'hypocrite.'

Genesis7 of 4 Da Love Productions says:

Nice music! It is obvious that a lot work/thought/prayers have going in to your lyrics! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda says:

Good stuff Maynard!

Warbler says:

The new song sounds amazing! Lord Bless.

Mark Shaker says:

Blessed Adversity is such a great title..... how true is that sometimes. Also it just so happens that I am a HUGE Bruce Cockburn fan..... legend if you ask me. You definitely have some of him in your songs. Keep it up!

Keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

Wonderful to have you with us on Indieheaven!
Good job on your songs, I hear lots of wisdom in your songs.
keep up the excellent faith-work!

d sos says:

I thought i am looking and seeking a Saviour continuously. Though I know how simple the surrender should be, sometomes it just doesn't come naturally. For one of those days that I felt so far away..... thanks for bringing me back home to where my heart is. xoxoxox

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