Sebrina Dollosso

Darrilyn Tharp says:

to think we used to sing&play together.U used to make me sound good. May God soar u to the top!

Jennifer Pickett says:

Yea No. 2 and moving up. You do ROCK! FOR JESUS. God Bless You.

Eric Pace says:

Awesome Sebrina!

Denise Lewis says:


Lady Hartman says:

Your music has always moved me. It has helped me to get to where I am today. I would always look forward to worship when you lead on Wednesday nights in a time in my life when I was coming back to God. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm lucky enough to get to hear the music in the makings. It's always an honor to get to sing with you! :)

mickey says:

Hi sabrina, how are u doing, i love the love song, i hope u will make it to the top of the charts, all the best and god bless.

Robyn Rosin says:

This young women is not only an incredible songwriter and vocalist but she is a humble and heartfelt servant of the King. What a blessing to know her and worship with her.

shane rosin says:

Your so awsome LOVE SONG is my favorite the KIng has truly blessed you we love you

Robert Tharp says:

Thas lady sings like an angel,(Sebrina Dollosso)

Marty Bardelmeier says:

Sabrina your music always brings such an awesome calm, I especially love Away. It is Sunday morning and I have your music on enjoying the praise and worship! Thank you!

Jason C says:

Sebrina my family and I were given a copy of your CD and we love to start our day with your music :) Thank you !




Sebrina I love all the heart and soul you put into your music ROCK ON !

Ladona says:

You Rock! I love your music!

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