GabrielLATEST STATUS: Just returned from an amazing youth event in Waco,TX. Many Kid's lives changed and renewed by Jesus. It's all about Him!

Doug Hallock says:

All For Me is a great song - very nice, very tight. Thanks for your great work on this. Doug

Dee says:

Great stuff, Gabriel! Congratulations on having all 10 songs for all genres for the day, month and all time! Fabuloso!

Andrea for Prayer/Life says:

Congratulations for your rise up the chart in September with another professionally and powerfully created song -- blessings!


Great songs!

hulya aydogan says:

I like your music ..Its very nice
be blessed hulya

Steven Childs Pennamen says:

Great Sound, Great Message, Great Arrangments
God is truly blessing your music, nice energy....

God Bless your Ministry...
Steven Childs Pennamen

rayperez says:

love it!

Raquel Ramos says:


Didn't know it was you singing Amazing God. I have been listening to KVMV for about three months and had no clue it was you. Until now.It's nice knowing the artist of one of my favorite songs. Great job! May God continue to bless you and the family. Take care.

Raquel Ramos

Marcus Studmire says:

Nice tracks Gabriel! Keep it up!

Marcus Studmire

Daniel Garcia says:

Congratulations! you make the Valley proud!

Joe says:

Gabe God has really blessed you. Your songs are great to listen to. God Bless

Bob Samala - Almos Pau says:

Nice music. Congrats on your award. Some really good blogs too. You gave me some good things to chew on. Great heart, man.

God bless!

Gigs from Justpassingthru says:

hey it was great meeting you guys sounded great at the summit.don't give up on the dream God has given you.things might get tough but God is faithful to his promises.

Chris Carder says:

Great to focus and sing praises with you guys this morning Gabriel! Thanks for leading us. God bless you.

pekhoa koang says:

thank for sign me your group

Denise Dovel says:

Great sound & songs! Keep up the good work!

Kathleen/Nevaeh says:

Gabriel, No One Compares is an awesome song. 5 stars is my vote on FanFaves. Great job.

Sam Gill says:

I like your style, I like the music, I like people from Texas, and I like the arrangements and compositions. I like Jeremy Camp, and I would listen to this right along side of him. Blessings.

Duane Rodq says:

Keep your head on straight and looking up to Him for strength. God has got great things in store for you and you have the opportunity to do great things for Him. "No One Compares" is a beautiful song of praise to a wonderful God. Praying for you bro.

Lissette Blick says:

I love your song! So God given!

T Joseph Yoakum says:

Excellent to hear the praise you lift to the Lord and Savior.Let's be praying for the immediate coming of the mighty sweep of the Holy Spirit all over the world!!

Brandon Hixson of Splendorleaf says:

I love listening to your tunes. I hear them all of the time on Power Praise! Keep up the great job! We're not too far from each other!

scott riggan says:

Hey Gabriel, just listening to the Top 20 ... heard "All For Me" again and was struck again by how good your stuff is. Man, you do in fact ROCK. Anyway, next time I'm in Texas...

christa schweikhard says:

Gabriel I love your worship songs, great songs and parts, cool arragements God Bless you

Trish Leigh Crane says:

Amen and Amen to God on high for the strength in you Gabriel!!!!
You didn't stop or allow the burden of a soul in this world to tear you down, but rather turned it around for God's glory witnessing to him and standing in your faith for Christ. Sometimes people of this world don't understand the trial that Christian musicians are up against in this world. They try to throw us into a mold without considering that the creator himself is the only one that can change that mold. He prepares the way, knowing full well what will come against us and prepares us for that time in our mission of music and our daily walk with him. I have listened to your music and truly can hear the fact that you love the Lord our God with all your being and THAT'S the talent. He is using you and you are being submissive and speaking as a Christian and a shared IH musician with you, I am thankful that Christ allowed this test of faith for you. It encourages me and I'm certain many other's to press forward and head for the ultimate prize: Jesus Christ.

May the Lord be with you........always....

Yours in Christ,
Trish Leigh Crane

ideofunk says:

Sounds like the 16th at Augusta on Sunday! Go get 'em, tiger.

chris lucas says:

Same-old same-old great music on I.H., bro.

(Gabriel - Leave the other comment up. Great comic relief. And thanks to it, I'm a new fan!)

Harry Offutt says:

Well Produced, Very original... Very fresh music from a great indie artist!
You have managed to write and produce music that is acceptable to CCM radio, but has a fresh edgy sound! When I hear music like this and from artists like The Sum, Scarlet Snow, Mile 7, and Mitch McVicker, I have hope for the future of music that honors God.

Thanks for answering the call and raising the bar for the rest of us.

Quinetta James says:

Keep singing for King Jesus. That is your calling. God bless you.

Gary Sawyer says:


Thanks for the awesome tunes. I find them floating through my mind well after the songs are over...especially My Passion. Keep letting the Lord use you and speak through you. He is touching people in ways you may not know.
Under His Wings,

Carly Diggs says:

Hi Gabriel,

I heard your song, "My Passion" on Indieheaven Top 20 - Great song!
God Bless you and your ministry!

Sincerely, Carly Diggs ~ Blue Fire

Angie Lendon says:

Really loving your music. So soulful!

stop by my site as i'd like to share my music with you too! Every blessing


D. Contreras says:

Great to see you on IH, hermano! Your music is tight, Bro! God is stretching, big time!
How's the cafe doing?

Mary Lou Rodriguez says:

I votefor you !

Mary Lou Rodriguez says:

You're G R E A T !

Dana Tock says:

Hello and welcome to Indieheaven, Gabriel.

You've got my votes! I'm really enjoying your music. So glad God led me to listen to you on the Fan Faves Chart!

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,

Bruce Berquist says:

Welcome to Indie Heaven!
I really like your material. Other than its quality, it is also so true and honest.

Musically yours

Keith@indieheaven says:

Great to have you with us!
I'm loving your music! Great job!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

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