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Angela Flemons says:

I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I really enjoyed your CD and the quality it has. I have one song I am looking to place on Indie Heaven as a download. This song I feel needs to be mastered to get the best sound qualify. As a fellow Kentuckiana, would you have any recommendations as to what studio you may have used to does this? Any suggestion you might have would be greatly appreciated.

In the work of the Lord.

Angela Flemons

Joan says:

I want to purchase the sound track to
In Jesus Name and perhaps the Ornament.
I can't figure out how to do that. Is it only available on MP3 or can I get a physical CD. thanks for any help. Joan


CONGRADS for having kbcu's song of the year IN JESUS NAME.
great song that is a kbcu i h classic.

TCC Worship Band says:

Hey Kristyn!

Rockinron told me I should check your music out...

Really blessed me! Your voice reminds me a lot of my good friend Kellye Huff... and that is a HUGE compliment!!

Looking forward to hearing more.


Paul Douglass says:

Considering bringing you to Maryland in the Spring or Summer. Please e-mail specifics. Availability, etc.

Joshua Reyes says:

Your music is very serene and thoughtful....I like it.

Terri (from mothers day) says:

Kristyn, thanks for coming all that way to share your time and talent. Your generosity was surely given from the heart! Thanks... can't wait for more tracks too, my daughter loves you!

Kerensa Gray says:

It was wonderful to get a chance to meet you and Mom Sunday night. Awesome to get to hear you do your thing! Such a big voice...I love that, but more importantly...a big heart.

Andrea C Parker says:


I just saw your video on Gospel Music Channel and I "googled" you - to find you are an Indieheaven family member! Great song! WOW! I pray that God continues to BLESS you and your ministry! IN JESUS NAME!!

- Andrea C. Parker

Talesha Hogan says:

Beautiful Music! ♥Talesha

Della says:

So nice meeting you at the Summit. Sorry we couldn't chat longer. Your voice is awesome! I 'm excited to see how God will use your music and your music therapy major to bring hope and healing to others! You go girl!

richard robison says:

I PRAISE THE LORD and how thankful i am to have heard your music and having you come to FITCHBURG,MA. and COMMON GROUNDS and GOD told me that something special was going to happen to and it has.

Evie Haskell says:

So nice meeting you, Kristyn! You have such a cool, unique voice--Congrats again on the Momentum Award!! :)

christlida dalton says:

i lov eyour singing i was at your church thos week i brought 2 of your cds they are great i was wanting to tell tou how i a presiesate you for coming to my church lovee your singing lvy

Terri Shamar says:

Krystin, I love your music, so encouraging! Your voice is great! I really appreciate you mission in music. Great job. Be blessed! Terri

mike- Potterz Clay says:

Hey Kristyn, I am voting for you today! Luv your voice, mike

Jon McLeod says:

I love that 'He Got Me Through' Song - I have had that on repeat for the last three days let alone in my daily workout routine. From a part-time Christian violinist to a full time musician/vocalist, your song is totally on-point, and it is a nice break for me from the contemporary gospel and R&B on my traditional playlists. Love those lyrics, too.

Godcasters.Net says:


We are currently developing a new internet radio station devoted to independent Christian artists and would like to add your song "ALL THAT I WANT" to our playlist.

Our station and playlist is currently in public beta @ .

We will be adding a website and full station imaging soon.

If you would like your song to be featured on our playlist we'd love to have an MP3 from you @ (or you may mail CDs to us @ 775 Marble Canyon, Irving, TX 75063)

Thanks & God Bless!


Becky Carey says:

Hey Kristyn! Just stopping by to say how much I have enjoyed your music this past year and observing your ministry from a distance. Be encouraged my little sister in the Lord, you are making a difference in the lives of many for the Lord. Keep on pressing on! I hope school is going great. You have been in my prayers. Plus...I've been voting for your songs daily. Keep your chin up and your eyes on Christ.

Steve Sensenig says:

Thank you for the incredibly uplifting comment! :) I pray God continues to bless your ministry.

Chris Carder says:

LOOOVE your sound Kristyn! I about started balling when The Old Rugged Cross began. Lots of passion in all your stuff! Love it.

Steve Sensenig says:

Congrats on the radio single here on IH. Hope all is well with you. God bless.

steve :)

kim krenik says:

Wow, what a voice God has given you. I want to hear more! Be encouraged sis!

Andrea C Parker says:

Welcome to Indieheaven Kristyn! Incredible music!

Praying that God continues to BLESS your music and your ministry!!


Ken Perry says:

Great set at Rollings Hills on on Saturday- Love the music, voice and testimony!
Keep up the awesome work for Christ!
Be Blessed-

Todd and Lisa Garrity says:

Congratulations Kristyn. We are so excited for you. We had the pleasure of hearing when you played at Waverly First Church of the Nazarene and also at Sozo Cafe in Johnson City, New York. We love your music and the awesome ministry you have. Keep shining for the kingdom, we love you.

Drew Davidsen says:

Rock on girl! I loove your style. It's an honor to be on the main page with you. Drew

Becky Wright says:

Kristyn, your voice is POWERFUL and unique! LOVE IT! Worthwhile message... glad to have you here on IH! Becky Wright

Dana Tock says:

I'm blessed and impressed! Your song "BulletProof Girl" is excellent and your sound is awesome. I'm glad the LORD introduced me to your music through INDIEHEAVEN! May He continue to bless this ministry He's called you to do for Him, In Jesus' name!

Kerri Crocker says:

Love BulletProof Girl! Its awesome... what a gift for our King!! Much grace and favor ~ Kerri

craig whittaker says:

Kristyn, Your words, music, and amazing voice all reflect your incredible passion for serving our Lord! Keep up the excellence! Your CreativeSoul brother and fan!

Dan Ledford says:

Kristyn i have heard you person and you are great so hello form Ga and just so you know we are playing your all your songs on the radio station the best place for christain music on the net take and God bless you friend and brother in christ Dan Ledford

Harry Offutt says:

Really Nice! When Rockin Ron let me pick the top 10 @ 10, on Dec 16, I put you as my #4 pick for the year!

Mary Lipginski says:

As usual you are sooo awesome. I enjoyed your performance Friday evening. Now it feels like Christmas to me. Thanks Kristen for you faith and your willings to share you God given talent with the world.

Mary Hedges says:

Listened to your wounderful voice last night and was inspired by it. I love your music and your sweet personallity. Thank You!


AARENT YOU THAT BULLETPROOF GIRL? didnt know you were part of the great kbcu family. bee playing your song. getting GREAT RESPONSE. cant wait to hear all of cd

Yvonne Hartman says:

I see you're doing morning worship at Pottstown Bible Church on 10/8. I will be doing Sat. evening worship on 10/14 at the same place. Welcome to PA!

Anastasia Pothoven says:

Old Rugged Cross: that was the most beautiful version I have ever heard. You have a very touching voice. I was worshiping the Lord while listening to your voice.

Michael Hiskey (IH) says:

Wow! This is some really cool stuff! Really like it all! Still boppin' to "He Got Me Through". Right ON!

Bryan from Mended Vessels says:

Great voice. Dig the song Invisible is rockin, vocally and musically.

Ryan Fletcher says:

Hey Kristyn, Just wanted to say that we look forward to playing with you at Joes Java in Willmington, Oh on June 30th. In Christ, Ryan

David Lin says:

Excellent sound - talented young lady. I like your music and are looking forward to you visiting NEIGHBORS sometime in the future!

Alison Stevens says:

Hey Kristyn! Good to have you back!

Karen Creel says:

Hey it's good to see you back here. Can't wait to see you in September.

keith@ indieheaven says:

Great having you back with us! I wish you all the very best!

Brother MyKey K ~ Gospel Boogieman says:

Sister K sings a new song that will lift you up in Jesus ALL The Way!!!

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