Harry OffuttLATEST STATUS: I dare you to do something positive for someone else!

Denise Pass says:

Hi brother! Back on Indieheaven finally! Glad to see you are still on here, as well!

laura mcmillan says:

Thank you so much for your kindness in welcoming me. Everyone is so nice here, makes me feel loved :) I am very excited to listen to your music, but just wanted to say thank you first! I hope you take care and Best Wishes, Laura McMillan

Drew Davidsen says:

Harry, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

Lisa Fenstermacher says:

Thank you for saying hi and welcoming me to IndieHeaven. I still love your songs. Keep singing about His love!

Drew Davidsen IH Member Smooth Jazz Guitar says:

Let's make the show on August 30 HOT! Drew

Kerensa Gray says:

Harry, Thanks for such a wonderful Writer's in the Round evening. I was truly blessed and enjoyed your amazing spirit more than I can say and you're music wasn't too bad either ;) !! I particularaly enjoyed If you ever come back...what a great song. Can't wait to enjoy your company again.

Hunter Wade says:

Harry, Thanks for taking the time to say hey.
As we encourage others, we expand our definition of Self.
As we share with others, we enlighten our own heart.
As we call out to God, we invite that very presence to work through us!

Thank you again for the blessing you are. I look forward to seeing you soon in MD!!

Janelle Ross says:

So enjoyed spending time with you at the Summit! Wish the whole world could have heard you play "Put it in Your Pocket", we'd all be fans. Summits are too far between so don't be a stranger! Blessings to you and yours, Janelle


enjoyed seing you in nashville. enjoyed hearing you and DREW. like the song lots.

Anita Dudek says:

Dropping by tonight to find a happy ending to this day!

Lu Hanna says:

love ya bro! keep up the good work

Gina Zavalis says:

Harry, thank you so much for the welcome and for checking my song out! Glad you liked it. I am digging your tunes and look forward to hearing more. Peace!

Drew Davidsen (Smooth Jazz Guitar) says:

Harry hope all is well. Your foot is feeling better! Let's hook up soon.

Joel Buckner says:

Hey love the songs that you have they are very fun! I love it!

carrie marshall says:

Harry -

Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words! I really appreciate it. I'm happy to be part of the IH family and getting to know ya'll better!

Steph says:

Had a great time playing out last night! Praising God for such beautiful worship! :)

Mark Cable says:


Congrats on the 2008 Momentum Indie Spirit Award. No surprise here. Way to go!

Terri Shamar says:

Harry! Congrats on your award! And by seeing what others say about you, I saw the same thing in you last year when I first met you. That's confirmation! You're a special blessing from the Lord! Love your music!

Della says:

Harry, nice to meet you at the summit. What a powerful time! Congrats on your Award! How true it is!

Alawn, Newcree says:

Hey Harry, thanks for the encouragement! you've got great songs and lyrics and i am enjoying the good music! stay blessed!

Carrie Marshall says:

Thanks, Harry! Great meeting you too. Congrats on your Momentum award!

- Carrie

craig whittaker says:

Way to go Harry! You deserve the Momentum award and many more like it! You are a true encourager and so many have been helped along in carrying out their mission because of you! You are a shining example of what Ephesians 4: 1-3 talks about and I am honored to be your friend.

Looking forward to our upcoming event and especially getting to praise the Lord together. By the way, the posters look great! Craig

Cathy Reynolds says:

It was so good to see you at the summit. You are so special. I am glad to know you. Take care and GOD Bless you.
Cathy Reynolds

Evie Haskell says:

Great meeting you this weekend! Congrats on the award! :)

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice job bro! Congrats on winning a Momentum Award at the summit. That's HOT!!! Yes I said that..... lol

Sherry Curry says:

Hello Harry,
thanks for the warm welcome to INDIE. I don't know how to respond on the Network, so I left a message here. I'm from MD too. Where is Fallston?
God bless,

Drew Davidsen says:

Harry- Thanks so much for all you have done to help me over the years. I am so excited about all the cool doors God is continuing to open up. OK, the HOT ones too!!! lol You are true friend. Have a blessed day!

Tim Juillet says:

Hey Harry,

Thanks again for your feedback the other day. Really enjoyed listening to "Happy ending". You did a great pulling that together. I definately hear the Keaggy/Stonehill influence there. I seem to hear a little James Taylor in there too. Good sound man. You pull in some 60's pop stuff in there too on "Take this kiss". I enjoyed it!

Janelle Ross says:

Thanks Harry for making me feel welcome. I really love the way you tell the Christmas story. Your voice is very honest. God willing and the creek don't rise I'll see ya in Franklin!

anita ivette ferrer says:

hi harry,
listening to your cool songs as i get ready for church.. what positive messages. nice piano on word problem & that soothing, what model taylor is that? i have a model 812c...that i ran over with my car...your voice is so solid and soothing . you have such a sweet heart for us and the Lord. please let us know when you are in jersey again. we'd love to have you..your sis in Christ.

Janelle Ross says:

Hey! We met at the Summit last year! I so enjoyed your company and I just ran accross your page! I just had to say thanks for sharing a laugh and table with me! Your music is beautiful, may God bless you and yours.

Lu Hanna says:

Happy 45th Birthday Little Brother. Love you!

Lu Hanna says:

I love all your songs, and I'm proud to be your big sister.

anita ferrer says:

hi harry, big brother!
just stopping by to listen to "if you ever come back". that really tocuhes my heart as one of my best friends left Jesus because of too many trials. please pray for Gregg. i love your Gerry Rafferty voice, (the timbre...wonderful). I'm gonna ask my hubby to by your CD for me:)
Hugs to you,

Michael Hiskey says:

Hey Harry,

Just had the feeling that I should be praying for you today. I hope you are well. Lean not on thine own understanding,... and may your paths be directed by Him,...


anita ferrer says:

that is a beautiful gerry rafferty baritone timbre you have. i prefer females singers but your voice is so solid & soothing. I enjoy listening! "jonah" and One seed are my faves. keep up the great work. nice work on drew's website. What a blessing you are. God bless you in your ministry endeavors.
luv & hugs,
anita ferrer, the asbury park angel


dear friend harry- listening to marys song..think i told you my introduction to christian music was a song called "come on eileen" by rob frazier. so if you decide to do another rob song hint hint...

just enjoying marys song-- good stuff

Dave and karen Lookingbill says:

It was great seeing you at Lu and Linda's party. We should get together sometime.

Drew Davidsen says:

Thanks for putting together a great show. It was so fun. Drew :-)

Drew Davidsen says:

WOW my web-site is great! I wrote a small blog about it. You got mad skills on the computer bro! Thanks :-)

Drew Davidsen says:

Harry- Rockin Ron has added me to his show. That's HOT! Have a great day bro!

ps. Keep practicing those guitar scales. Curve your fingers and keep the thumb in back of the neck. :-) Your doing great!

Drew Davidsen says:

Harry, thanks! Man by the looks of your page I am missing all the fun! I got to get my top friends up. Don't worry there will be a spot for you. lol My new favorite song on "Happy Ending" is "Martyr Song." I love the production on it! Thanks for being a great friend! Drew

That's HOT! :-)

Debbie L. Rice says:

Harry you are such an inspiration on the IH boards! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all the advice you give us each day. Thank you for your response concerning my son, too. I feel like I know you a little bit better. Your music is awesome, and you are awesome. Love ya!

chris lucas says:

Harry - thanks for constantly exercising your spiritual gift - a unique combination of exhortation and organization. What a great ministry you have!!

Drew Davidsen says:

Harry- What can I say. I am so proud of you. The concert you put on in Falston, MD. with Sean Smith and Brad Reynolds was great! Really the whole weekend was truly amazing. Thanks for being a great friend. God Bless, Drew

Todd Day says:

Love the music bro! God Bless!

Drew Davidsen says:

I love the song Happy Ending bro! That's one of my favorites from the CD. Keep singing for the King. D.

Vini Contreas says:

Thanks for the welcome, Harry. I really like your tracks. Love the cut with Phil Keaggy. You guys sing well together . . . . Blessings to you in His Service . . . Vini

Drew Davidsen says:

Great songs bro! Nice production too. Stay blessed! It's a real honnor to be on the main page with you! Drew.

craig whittaker says:

Harry, Good to meet you in person! You have such a warm spirit and I know your desire to serve Him will continue to be honored. Your heart really comes through in your music! Keep up the great work for His kingdom.

Show Them Jesus,

Craig Whittaker

Daniel Petronelli -IH says:

Hi HArry -really enjoyed listning to all of your songs -thanks! DP

Terri Shamar says:

This is awesome stuff and very original. Thank you for what you have to offer. Nice voice.....

mitch townley says:

If You Ever Come Back...NICE, very nice

Kent Curtiss says:

Hey, Harry. Very nice stuff! It was great to virtually meet you at Rockin'Ron's. Hopefully we'll see you at the CIA Summit.

Kristyn Leigh says:

You have an unusual style. Everytime I would listen to a different song I would get a pleasant surprise. Nice!

Mark (flight theory) says:

Martyr Song reminds me of Keith Green...I would suggest a different mic on the acoustic or try recoding without the chorus effect on the acoustic guitar...

David from 9th Hour says:

Harry, great sounds! Love the acoustic.

Steffannie Gonzalez says:

You have a wonderfully unique style. There like beautiful parables to song! What an excellent ministry of music.

Jeremie Murfin says:

You have some really good musicians on the CD with you! I like how you tell stories with your music...well done!

Dave Krug says:

I like the creative-and often uplifting lyrics that definitely have something to say when one carefully listens. Nice CD...a job well done. The best to you! :-)

Rick Pierpont says:

Harry, Thanks so much for allowing me to be take part in the creation of your CD! I really enjoyed playing on "If You Ever Come Back..." You have great writing skills as well as a passion to make your vision happen! I'm proud to call you a friend. Good Luck!

Jack Mayerhoffer says:

This is brilliant music from a great recording artist. Every song has a message that speaks volumes. I adore everything about the music from the lyrics, to the composition and orchestration. The lyrics have bold and direct messages that are challenging and uplifting for those in or interested in becoming part of the Christian community. Isa 45:7 (from the KJV) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Kristy Pratt says:

Great work, Harry!!

Wendy Jepsen says:

Harry, I love the imaginative lyrics on this have a great voice! Congratulations on the CD release!

jeannie kirkpatrick says:

wonderful harry....l listened again to "happy ending"l like it. may God take you to higher have a different aproach to Him and it is very uplifting...real life situations......Thank you............JeannieK of JCP (Jeannieschatplace)

Mike Wellfare says:

Great CD! I really like ALL the songs. Not only are they great listening music in a variety of styles, but the words are vivid and rich with imagery and hidden wisdom.

Karen M. Kennedy says:

Harry, my favorite has to be "Happy Ending" overall, but I just played "Take this Kiss" for my own little girls and they immediately asked to call their daddy at work and sing it to him! I know its going to touch others too! Congratulations!

Cheryl Abel says:

GREAT song Harry - Congratulations on your CD release!

nancy brock says:

Your voice is make it sound easy! And I like the songs, style, and lyrics.

Michael Hiskey says:

Heard "Happy Ending" on KBCU 88.1. (RockinRon) Very catchy song - Nice work! Blessings on your release party!

Wendy W says:

Very nice!!! Good luck! Keep up the excellent work!

Eric Bennett says:

Excellent! your fellow artist, Schmoe

Lauren Messenger says:

Excellent, Red. Best wishes and good luck for the release

Bryant Sterling says:


Helen Brown says:

Keep up the good work, Aunt Helen

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Nice tracks Harry!

Kerri Crocker says:

Keep shining for the King. Its all for HIM!!! Congrats on the upcoming CD and welcome to IH!!

don knows says:

Am I the only wise man here? The rating shoud go to 20 because, Harry is obviously a star.

Helen Brown says:

Awesome Harry!!!!!!!!!

Bryan from Mended Vessels says:

Welcome. Take This Kiss has great words. Good BGV and guitars.

Linda Napfel says:

I must say I'm really proud to have been even a small part of this production. Happy Ending shares in a fresh new way. I love the fairy tale theme. Looking forward to the new CD release and hearing you on the radio one day. My prayers are with you.

Vivian Hanna says:

Way to go bro. I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful brother. Love you.

Karen Mines says:

Harry, I'll be waiting for the CD, but not to patiently :-) I love the lyrics of "Happy Endings". I hope some day I'll catch you on my local Christian radio station....Peace and love to you and your family...

Drew Davidsen says:

Harry, you are a wonderful gift from God. You always encourage and bless the musicians you come in contact with. You just keep on giving and giving. God is well pleased with his servant. I know it. You really cahnged my life. Thanks, Drew

Gene & LaVada Triesch says:

Welcome, Harry! Thanks for your welcome to us here at IH! Didn't get to hear all your song, but what we did hear sounded great! We're out here in the Texas hill country and don't have high speed yet! :-( ) We love what you have done with the nursery rhymes, too, and want to hear more of your music!! So long, for now...and "happy trails!" :-) Gene and LaVada

Bryce Pratt says:

Looking forward to seeing you at the Open Door.

glo gaines says:

Great stuff, Harry!! Wow! Can't wait for the CD! Especially enjoyed the premise of nursery rhymes to get the point across in "Happy Endings"!

Karyl Weldon says:

Wonderful music, Harry! I'm making certain to send this link to all my Christian friends. I know they'll like these songs as much as I do.

Michele Pillar says:

"FINALLY!! Harry, the world gets to hear your heart via your sweet music. Simple and profound favorite kind. I'm proud for you."

Brena Evans says:

Hi Harry, great songs! I love what you've done with Take this Kiss. Happy Endings made me sigh with happiness. It really uplifts my mood. If You Ever Come Back made a longing in my heart. I enjoyed all 4 songs. Wonderful guitar sounds and drums. You rock!

Rick LaRocca says:

WooHOO Harry! I'm lovin' your tunes. Welcome to IH. I met Drew last weekend at our IH SpotLIGHT. Hope you can join us the next time around! "Interdepently" yours..Rick LaRocca

Drew Davidsen says:

Harry, love your songs. Thanks for letting me take part in your cd. I had so much fun in your studio. May God bless all your days, IH Artist Drew Davidsen

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Harry, great having you with us! I remember you from way back! All the best!

Laura Principato says:

Hi Harry! Welcome to Indie Heaven. Looking forward to hearing your music.

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