John TusseyLATEST STATUS: I am currently studying music, taking a course from the former Grove School of Music in LA through the School Without Walls.

Tom Troast says:

Your music is very beautiful - thank you for using your talents to glorify God!

Ernei says:

I love your music, John ,

Sylvia Waiwaiole says:

Hi John, I am playing your music on-line as we pray on the prayer call. It is so beautifullllllI will refer your website to my prayer partners....

Tula says:

Thanks for sharing John. We meant a very precious brother, a Priest in Israel that I sent your email to. He loves music. I'm sure he'll listen. He's from Chile. Tell you more later. Tula
Oh, your music is beautiful!!

Daisy Carbone says:

Sat. 5/7/08 I thoroughly was transfixed by the amazing music coming from your fingers! What a BLESSED gift you have from the Lord and His angels! I heard you last night and Pastor Dean mentioned your playing that sent him heaven-ward. Thank you for blessing us, and I'm sure there was a lot of angelic dancing happening during that time! Was wondering if you were the "John" who lived with the Tengbergens. Mahalo!

Karen Robertson says:

Lovely music, John, very, very nice.

Drew Davidsen says:

Great stuff. Good music to chill to. God Bless, Drew

Laura Principato says:

God has really blessed you with a beautiful talent. Keep using it for his glory!

Jenny Steele says:


Merlin Maningas says:

John, your music is truly inspiring, refreshing and uplifting. God bless you.

Sharrel Souza says:

"God has truly anointed John's music and the Holy Spirit flows freely into our hearts."

vincent cervantes says:

great job

Mel Abrazado says:

"John your music is fulfilling and yet you don't want it to end. Just keep on playing and share the joy!

Sarah Go says:

Glory to God for your talent.

Lisa Chaddock says:

Simply gorgeous! John's talent is obviously God given. The lush arrangements get to the heart of the music.

Warren Throckmorton says:

Beautiful work John. You have a style of your own that is brings songs to life. God bless you!

James Price says:

John has an amazing way of bring song and expression to light

R. Borders says:

John's music is a never ending blessing to me! I want to share it with everyone.

Matt Kim says:

Awesome John!

Michael Chock says:

John....The Lord has truly blessed you with an incredible gift. Hearing you play live and hearing your CD is a testament to this. Keep up the great work!!!!

daniel brank says:

music like that praises the lord i will give it a ten anyday of the week because thats music and not only music thats praising the lord.

Pat Fujikawa says:

The CD is beautiful!

John Woight says:

Woderful music... I haven't heard something soo wonderful for years!



Becky says:

Great job John! Good, kick back music for the soul and spirit! Keep making music for HIM!

Mary Ann Marker says:

God moves in a wonderful way through your music. God heals the body and the soul, through your music. God bless

Marcia Bilynsky says:

John! Your music is so healing and wonderful! You are truly an inspiration! God Bless you Darlin!

Ruth Runkle says:

Great web page. Sorry I don't have ability to play the preview. God is blessing you. The information you shared gives me courage as I pursue my own ministry.

Sharon Darapiza says:

John: What makes your music inspiring is your beats in timing with God's own heart. Aloha ke akua malama pono a hui hou! Sharon


Howzit brah!! I know that your music is so great because I play with you and God. May he always bless you as you do his works. IN HIS LOVE, Alwyn

Lana Kini says:

John-Your music has inspired me. Thank you for sharing God's gift he has given you with all of us. We are so blessed to have your music as a tool to minister to others. God Bless!

Lynne says:

Excellent! WOW! God bless you!

Gerald Cullen says:

Hi John, Thata song just brought a sense of peace to my wife and I this morning Sat. before we go out this day to Live in the fullest and that just gave us the fuel to go and get it done. Thank u and God Bless, miss u brother, GC

Donna says:

John has the Power of the Holy Spirit when he plays, and his Amazing Grace is that and so much more...truly Amazing. Be blessed enjoying Free Flow yourself and give it as a gift to everyone special to you. I did.

Peggy Kannaday says:

A most beautiful rendition of this great hymn.

Keith says:

We love John's music!

Bobbi says:

I must say that I wanted to play Healing Folw first, but by accident I hit Amazing Grace an this song touch my heart like it has never touched me before. I have heard it many times played by John, but for some wonderful reason God decided that on this day, March 20, 2002 it would be very special to me. Then I played Healing Flow and the flow once again began. (Tears) I love John's music and always will. I have listened to the album many times while studying or praying. It is an inspirational piece. When will he make another album? Bobbi, NJ Mainland USA

Randy Branson says:

A warm and MASTERFUL rendition of the TIMELESS Classic!!!

Peggy says:

Wonderful! Beautiful and inspiring!

Audrea Manuel says:

Amazing Grace was just wonderful, I LOVED IT!!

Adele Vasconcellos says:

You are an exceptional piano player.

Mary Clark Banks says:

Music you can enjoy for any occasion. great to listen to at work,even better to play as you relax and get into your daily word. GET THE CD.I DID.

Carolyn J. Vargas says:

If you are looking for music that is soothing and refreshing, you have found what you have been looking for. John Tussey is a man of God with a beautiful gift of music. I highly recommend the music and ministry of John Tussey.

Mary DeFrank says:

Thank you, John, for pouring yourself and your love for our glorious Lord into your music.

Lee Muller says:

Whew! John's music is truly God's gift to the rest of us. Listening to him play takes me another place and time.

amelia wise says:

heavenly and divinely inspired

Noble Turner says:

John's music is the greatest! Praise God for his talent and gift

Katherine and Pauline says:

An inspired pianist,John playing brings us nearer to the heart of God with his music.

Peggy says:

John Tussey can create extraordinary and life-changing music. It is breathtaking and freeflowing from his heart! Very impressive!

carol Beaumont says:

a sincere and caring friend with great talent.

Steven Brown says:

Tranquility on the Keyboard.

Keith says:

John, I'm so thankful for your continued support of the BR and now IH mission. You're one of the "old timer's" here and we enjoy your music! Blessings!

lee smith says:

Great stuff, but then again, all John's stuff is great.

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