Elisha's Request

Jack Alan Naugle says:

Great talking to you Mike. Wow, very exciting news about playing the Seattle Storm game. Talk about marketplace ministry. I have loved your music (and you guys personally as well) for so many years and I am looking forward to listening to the latest addition :)

Sally Sprung says:

We need (I need) "Lamb of God" from Double Portion on the playlist, so I can listen to at least a portion of it. Won't you put it on?
Thank You!!!

Terry Chambers says:

Very moving worship music


LOVE YOUR SOUND..hey you should be on radio kbcu 88.1 you know you should be on a movie soundtrack too. thats right you are.... GREAT STUFF.

Vicki Eick says:

How can I access Mongolian Christian music? We have a Mongolian student staying with us who is investigating Christ.

Shelli Shelton says:

I really enjoy all of the clips of each album. You all are awesome.

Lisa & Jim Benedict says:

Echoes of the heavenly host come down to lift us up!

Tamera Walters says:

I heard your music for the first time at a "Healing Room" in shelton Wa. I have searched for it since then. Very greatful to have found your web page.

Ken & Marilyn Proctor says:

"Heaven's Sound" has spiritual energy. We loved the fulness of it. We felt it's strengths were the driving force of the percussion and beat, the pleasing sounds of the harmony, and the message it brings to our hearts. We rate it 10+. We find it playing in our minds as we go about our daily activities. We are looking forward to more music of Elisha's Request to add to the beautiful melody and smooth rhythm of "Heaven's Sound."

Chris Conti says:

Great stuff... Heard you guys on IH Radio!

HelenPetroff Petroff says:

I just heard a song called Wind Of Worship and wondered if I got he right website. Would love to get the song on Cd. don't know how. Please Respond

Joey Cristina says:

Beautiful music, I can't wait to see you guys at the Supernatural Generation conference tonight!

the family band says:

hello, saw you perform at a church in olympia wa about 4 years ago...someone gave me your cd and it has been a huge blessing in my families life...just noticed you are part of indie heaven too...awesome, glad to see God is still keeping your music ministry strong!

diane says:

rap music and r&b

dawn says:

"Dream My Dreams"it`s soothing to the`s a nice song."

David Foreman says:

Very bouncy and fun.

Marie Sheldon says:

Great sound...great vocals...excellent musicianship! Love all the instruments on Heaven's Sound...just beautiful.

Heather Powers says:

Sounds great guys! Keep heading your are a blessing! says:

great music... not what i expected... which was fine by me... keep it up

michelle says:

Your obedience for the Lord shines in all you do. What a blessing you are to our family and many others.

Kenn Jones says:

I know the family personally, and let me tell you, i've been blessed numerous times through the worship nights at there place. I love double portion. Youg guys should have there first cd on here for people to get.

Rick Kurnow says:

Your "Double Portion" CD is just that a double portion. When I got finished with the first CD I wanted more....and I got it. Thanks for a project that draws us closer in worship to the Lord.

Mark Chinen says:

A wonderful collection of music that reflects a deep love for God. The lyrics are fresh and honest. The musicianship is first-rate.

Eric Moon says:

Amazing music... I just have to buy the cd now. May God keep blessing your ministry

Dennis & Gail says:

We are loving our "Double Portion"! Who doesn't need to be encouraged and reminded of the Father's love for us? This cd is straight from the ravished heart of our Bridegroom King. What a breath of fresh air!

aunti Linda says:

..The more I play it the more I love it!..I find myself soaking "in the river" of His presence....It was worth all the sacrifice!!

Mom and Dad says:

We can hardly wait for your next CD, "A Double Portion!" Thanks to each of you for your inspirational testimonies!!

Ken & Marilyn says:

Today I listened very carefully to "Return to the Passion" and especially to "Mongolia." That is an absolutely outstanding rendition. The percussion rhythm is awesome. We are looking for the next CD!

Ken & Marilyn says:

Thanks for your inspirational music for Jesus. Todqy is Easter and an appropriate day to give thanks for each of you. Love, Ken & Marilyn

K/MP says:

Thanks for the news on your new CD. We can hardly wait to hear it. Blessings!

Dad & Mom says:

We are so proud of you guys. You are a shining light in your community. Keep blessing everyone with your inspirational music.

CH says:

Hey guys! I love your music for Jesus!!! I am looking forward to praising His name with you in April! "Higher up and further in!" -C.S. Lewis

Ken says:

We heard you play recently and you get better each time we hear you. Looking forward to your new creations. Blessings!!!

Mom and Dad says:

You people have just blessed our home everyday. We listened to your songs on the web site yesterday. Awesome! Keep in up!

Ken & Marilyn Proctor says:

We are so excited about your upcoming CD. "A Double Portion." You truly have a unique and special sound. The songs of your first CD still linger in our minds. Thank you so much!



Ken & Marilyn Proctor says:

Your group has blessed us again and again. Some of the wonderful and harmonious combinsation of voices have positively haunted our memories. You are awesome. Keep it up. Blessings!! blessings!!!

Kio Nebeker says:

This is the BEST christian cd I"ve ever heard! Great arrangements, volcals, and lyrics! Can't wait for the follow up!

Scot Longyear says:

Mike is the real deal. "Return to the Passion" is a great work - looking forward to the next CD!

Sue Reynolds says:

Thank You for continually blessing us with your music and prayer..Your family dedication to this Ministry is a true example of doing all your works as if they were unto Him..

michelleNebeker says:

THANK YOU for your faithfulness to God. You have always been, and continue to be a true example of God's glory on earth

Donavan & Carleigha Arnold says:

Elisha's Request has truly blessed our family! We are in awe of how you serve God through your character and witness!! We share your music with everyone that we can! Love the powerful message and cool melodies in all your songs!! Congrats on all your endeavors! We love you guys!

boulos Bichay says:

I like this CD, and the message of revival which we need in our generation! Get and let the Lord encourage you to follow him regardless what the world system might think or say about you. Jesus is Lord and soon coming king. Let the Jesus Revolution begin!

Jeff Green says:

Excellant. We have added ER to the play list of Vision of Hope Radio. Each song on this CD is powerul and anointed. Thanks Elisha's Request!

Linda Steward says:

Greetings! You giys are the best!!! I can't wait for a"double portion"!! Love, Auntee

Perry Lind says:

Hi all. You sound GREAT better than ever. I miss working with all of you. Keep up the good woprk. Perry

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