Kalob Cox

Nina Ward says:

interested in booking you or the band at Cup of Grace Aug 3 if available.


marshall johnston says:

hey kalob keep rock'n ATA MARSHALL JOHNSTON

Courtney Iezzi says:

Kalob your song is amazing and all the songs I've listened to I love so where can I get a copy of your cd?? well idk if you are going to Grace tomorrow but I'll be there

Brent Walker says:

Great meeting you this weekend at the Summit. God bless all you do. Hopefully we'll get together sometime soon.

Kinsey says:

Kalob your CD is amazing, just like you. Your lyrics really make me think about God and they've made me feel better when I've had a bad day more than once.
Hopefully I'll see you soon. Love you!

Shalonda McFarland says:

Nice to find a fellow artist from Humble. Very nice music. SM

Shaniqua Garraway says:

Kalob you are amazing! Keep rocking out & don't ever quit! ILY!! Oh. I really like Lullabye! <3<3<3

Matt Johnson says:

You have a Great sound and message that really speaks to me.

Em MC2 says:

Your CD is so overplayed (in a good way) that i need a new copy because it is skipping! ha ha ha... i love love love it and cant wait for more,

Becky Wright says:

Kaleb, still love it! I'll be rating your song every day (again, along with MY brand new one!) Love your voice, words, your heart that comes out in the music! Check out "While It is Day", just uploaded, so still around #135 as I write... thanks! Your IH sister, Becky Wright (and neighbor-- I'm in Oklahoma, but lived in Texas and will be there NEXT WEEK!!)

Blake Powell says:

Awsome thats really all i have to say

Gregg Kite says:

Love the CD! Thanks for the copy,I listen to it pretty much all the time! "My Reason" is amazing. See ya Sunday!

Kathy Carlson says:

Wow Kalob!!! You are awesome. I can't wait to hear the whole CD. All the best with the awards and with your music career!!

Marshall Johnston says:

This music is amazing, I am glad there is music out there that I can listen to. Thanks

Terry Hale says:

For some reason, I was only able to listen to Never Alone. You are truly blessed. Please bring me one of your CD's. I cannot wait to hear more.

Ron Wagnon says:

Your music is great, I've got to have the CD. Great attitude and I wish you the best in your career. God Bless

Wayne Otto says:

We are blessed to have you as our worhip leader!

Stevo Johnson says:

LOB, you are amazing. I hope we get to work together next summer again! Your music is FREAKING AWESOME...I guess you could say that it is FRAWSOME! Love ya Buddy!

Ben Cozad says:

In Your Hands is freaking awesome!

Matt Jones says:

In Your hands Rocks!!! I hope it gets to number 1

Max and Cody Munden and Sitton says:

I like your music its freakin sweet!

Rick Phillips says:

Praise and worship alternative style!

Germiko Hill says:

Hey, I was at M-Fuge from July 15-22 and I had one of the greatest worship experience in my 3 years of going to M-Fuge Philly. Also the bible study was great as I learned a lot more than i have in the 3 years. Keep up the great work Kalob. ;-)

Sara Jaquette says:

Hey I was at M-fuge July 16-22 and you were awesome. I got you c.d and thats great to. Keep up the good work! God Bless.

Evangeline Cheek says:

Hey,I was in camp during Mfuge during the week of the July 18. I love the worship music and thank you very much!

Caitlyn Smith says:

Hey Kalob,I was at camp about two weeks ago and you did an awesome job! The worship services were great and I know that for me it was one of the best things I got out of camp! Keep up the good work!

Ryan Bittle says:

Keep up the good work

Amanda Davis says:

Hey Kalob,it is Amanda the fellow Texan that was at M-fuge on week three. You were great at M-fuge last week. I just wanted to say that you are a wonderful musician. You have really inspired me to write more songs. I hope that the rest of the time you are at camp is great. Talk to you later.

sharaya scarritt says:

hey kalob i was just at camp and i loved having u as the worship leader u are so awesome and i love your cd it is so awesome keep up the great work cntinue with your career in music it is so awesome because i do with music to i am in the school choir so have fun the rest of the time u are at camp.. I also like the song my reason

Elizabeth Sterling says:

Hey Kalob! I was at m-fuge last week! It was AMAZING! You did an awesome job of singing and praising the lord! Keep it up and know that the lord is shining down on you!

Brandon Jenkins says:

I was at m-fuge for week 3 and it was awesome. I enjoyed listening to your music both in my quiet times in the morning and at worship services this past week.

Sydney, Megan, Marissa DeGuire, Orfield, Chilton says:

kalob, we were at Fuge last week. you are so freakin awesome. we can see God shining through you everytime you sing. we love you!

Patrick Canterbury says:

dude! its pat from fuge! dude the cd is awesome! God is def. great!!! keep it up man and "Never give up!" thanx alot for everything dude. uve always got a friend right here bro!

Keri Asbell says:

Hey Kalob I was at m-fuge last week and your c.d. is awsome. I love all the songs up there. Keep up the good work.

Vanessa Mayberry says:

The song MY REASON is amazing and could definitley be on the radio one day. It really showcases Kalob\\\'s ability to write music as well as lyrics.

keith@ indieheaven says:

Kalob, great having you on Indieheaven...we wish you all the very best!

Alison Stevens says:

Welcome to IH! Be sure to check out the Bulletin Boards and take a minute to introduce yourself!

Karen Miranda Creel says:

Hey welcome to IH. I saw you were going to be leading worship for Fuge. Such a great place to serve. Hope it goes well for you.

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