Evie HaskellLATEST STATUS: Worship Arts Pastor at Leading Worship Every Sunday

Denise Pass says:

Your voice is as sweet as ever! Glad to be back on here on Indieheaven. Hope all is well!

Michael Miles says:

I just discovered your music, and it's absolutely beautiful. The words to your songs are so inspiring! I want to be a gospel singer myself, and it's such a pleasure to listen to your music. It's so calming and peaceful. Thank you for doing what you do. :)

Charlie Sivils says:

Yes! I finally found where I could hear your latest songs! You are amazing!
- Your biggest fan

ken whitson (Like Minds) says:

Evie, you have the most BEAUTIFUL voice!!! So pure and sweet. Thanks for sharing your music. Ken

Tommy Byers says:

Christian music needs artists like you

Cherie L. Norquay says:

Love your song Talk Me Home. Beautiful vocals and cello...nice! Congratulations on your new baby girl! Enjoy! Tiime passes quickly.

Chris Lucas says:

I noticed your status - congratulations!!
I think I may have introduced you 3 years ago in the little acoustic room at the Summit. Love your music!! Blessings.

Chris Lucas says:

I like you a lot Evie Haskell .....

Andrea for Prayer/Life says:

Really liking this relaxed, jazzy sound on From Now On, listening to you on the Top20 chart, Evie, what's so nice is to have a refreshing completely unique CCM artist

Judy Secrest says:


Jeremy Oliveria says:

I thoroughly enjoyed your songs! May the Lord bless your ministry and continue to use you for His glory!

Christina says:

Awesome Music!
Do you ever come to Eastern Washington?
I'd love to see you in concert.

Steve Parsons says:

Evie. You are fantastic. I just heard your song 'cars' and I'm totally impressed by your songwriting. Very cool, very different and I'm going to get your album. Wishing you all the very best! Fellow IH artist, Steve Parsons.

Mike says:

I enjoyed the song, "City of Roses". I like the uniqueness of the melody, especially on the verses; I also wowed at the high note on the bridge. Your voice has an innocent quality about it; it's easy to listen to and as peaceful as a lullaby. May the Lord be glorified through your music.

Marcia Anzalone says:

Sometimes I Wonder is a very powerful song.

Kristine Rommel says:

Great sound, Great voice! Best of luck to you in your musical journey!

Peg says:

Love City of Roses--can't wait to hear more!

Patty Stark says:

So beautiful! I am so proud of who you are and I know He who you glorify through your music is as well!!! May you be blessed beyond all measure. Love you dearly!!!


love CITY OF ROSES so lookin forward to your new cd comin this way for kbcu EVIES BACK lol

Natalia Wallace says:

I love it!! I am with your mom and I really feel like crying!

Carlos Gilbert says:

I really appreciate your music. I went to the fan faves on this Indie Heaven...and I can worship...the other above you...not so much haa haa. But praise God. I am touched by your music. It is very beautiful and melodic. Have a blessed day! Thanks for doing what you do well, and the most important following the lead of God will in your life.

Peg says:

I Love Dreams Are Made Of on the Fan Fave Chart--very appropriate as we get closer to Valentine's Day! Keep up the Good work!

mark griffin says:

Cool music Evie! Love the sincerity and spirit in there!

TCC Worship Band says:

Love the songs!!!

Bless ya!

caroline worship ministry says:

you have a beautiful copilation of songs! congratulations! God bless you

Jesse Shuster says:

Hi Evie,

What's new? Just checking in to see how you're doing. Sorry, we still haven't put the concert thing together. I'd still like to consider doing something sometime. Hope everything is going great.


Duane Rod says:

Evie, great job on "Be Thou My Vision". Soft, yet powerful vocal really does this one justice and the recording is very well done. Great one to listen to on this early Sunday morning!!
Blessings, Duane

Betty Gamble says:

I have been searching since the late 70's for an artist by the name of "Evie" that sang a song with the lyrics "To God be the glory". I'm not sure if that is the name of the song or not, but I sure would like to find this song. It's one of the most beautiful songs I can remember. Thanks, Betty

scott riggan says:

Hey Evie, just listening to "One" - really great song!

michael says:

Hi there

am happy for u.realy enjoy ur music here online,i wish u good lock,still wanted to remind u that we both servant of God through Christ our Lord.
i will like to recieve some some C D. if possible.thanks,may God be with u in Jesus Name Amen................ur sincerely brother michael......peace of our Lord Jesus be with u all the time......Amen

Doug Hallock says:

Hi Evie,
I listened to your song Greater today, and I love it. What a vocal range you have! Your voice is beautiful, and your style is very, very cool. Great work.

jane says:

Great news about you and Josh. Calif here they come... Best wishes on your special day coming up too.

Cruz says:

Hi, love your sound to bits!!!

Anyway, what really inspire you to write and besides the Bible how dya keep yourself spiritually fit as to being able to write better songs and stuff? Cheers...

Alyce Metallo says:

BEautiful song on the FANFAVES chart. And what a beautiful voice you have! LOVE that song. Way to go, Girl! Blessings, A-

Frances Drost says:

Hi Evie,

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I too have been enjoying your music as I've listened through the Radio charts on IH. You have such a sweet, pure voice - it's very refreshing!

Blessings to you and your ministry!

Joseph F. Giampietro says:

Hi Evie,

Keep up the good work!! East Coast is praying for you!

Joe & Beth G.

Jonathan says:

Hey Evie, I am your friend on MySpace and wanted to show my support for what you are doing. Honestly, you have one of those voices that makes you stop and listen. I enjoy this song because the lyrics are so beautiful and it really makes you stop and think about where you are with God today. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

maria conti says:

hello evie,
how are you? i am fine now i found now 4-5-08 and 4-11-08 wooow
i love it her

your friend

Kristyn Leigh says:

Hi Evie
It was so nice to meet you at CIA. You have wonderful music. You have been blessed! Take care.

Cathy Reynolds says:

You are so beautiful! Child of GOD. The joy of the LORD shines through you my friend. Don't ever let anyone or anything take that beautiful joy. GOD Bless you in your mission. In HIS love,
Cathy Reynolds

Tory Dardar says:

Hey Evie, I can't sleep so I figured I'd hand out a couple hellos. It was so good to see you again at the summit. Thank you so much for using Bill. I truly love your voice. You are extremely talented. As you face today keep "Longing to Worship"! God bless

scott riggan says:

Hey Evie, just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your music. I had heard of you before joining IH, but I keep coming back to your page to listen again... Guess that means it's time to buy, huh? :-)

Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. God bless,

Drew Davidsen says:

Thanks for stopping by. The Summit is in just a few days! YEAH! Have an awesome day!

allison lambert says:

i love you evie im so proud to day that ur my soinging lessons teacher!!

Shelley from Journey Home says:

Congrats on your song being #1 in the a/c genre. That's awesome! I'll definitely be praying for you as you await (eagerly no doubt) the outcome of the contest. Your blogs always bless me so much. I love your heart! See you at the Summit!

- Shelley

karen fisher says:

Hey....thanks so much for responding! :) I will not be at the summit b/c I already had an event planned since January. I just joined in Feb. and did not know about it until I joined. I wish I was going . I would love to meet some of you that I have really enjoyed listening to...I have met Kerri Crocker ( via email/phone) and love her! Very sweet chick!! I will definitely plan on going next year, though...
thanks for taking the time to listen to my music...I appreciate the sweet comment!

karen fisher says:

Hey...I've been listening to your demos..I was curious if that's you playing the piano. :) I love the beautiful piano music and heartfelt lyrics. Do you remember me contacting you last fall about the songwriting contest I had entered? (I believe you are a previous winner)
Anyway...I'm a new member here since February. Just wanted to listen to your stuff.
Take care...

Rachel Mariano says:

Dear Evie,
Yesterday my friend and her boyfriend were killed in a car accident, and I wanted to let you know that One has been a great comfort to me this morning. God bless. <><

bob roach says:

Evie, what beautiful voice of inspiration!

Pastor Tony says:

Hi Evie,

Congratulations on Top 5!! Your love for the Lord comes through your music loud and clear!! Next time in New England, please come by our church. We're praying for you!

- Tony Marinelli

mike-Potterz Clay says:

HeyEvie, You have a very nice voice. Congrats on being a finalist!

Becky Thomas says:

Hi Evie! Just voted for "My Beautiful Everything", what a great worship song! You have a gorgeous voice as well, and love the piano.........
Be blessed and keep going hard after God!

Rachel Mariano says:


So I'm a senior in HS and I take this computer class on the outskirts of my town, and we tend to have a lot of kill time in here. My brother's a member here on Indieheaven, so I'm on the site a lot. I stumbled across your profile a while back and absolutely LOVE to listen to your music. You encourage me almost everyday just through your heart for song and for God and I want to thank you for that and for giving God all the glory for your gift. Be blessed and be a blessing:) Rachel Mariano<><

Adriane Blanco says:

I really enjoy your song "Cherished". Keep up the kingdom work!
Adriane Blanco

Merrill Franklin says:

Hi Evie,
I like your unique lyrics and beautiful voice. Your easy to listen to. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

In Him,
Merrill Franklin

Jane says:

Blessings and Congrats on your engagement. Your Mom sent me a few pics! You are beaming! I hope these great songs keep coming thru you, you are an inspiration to us all.

Chris Conti says:

Evie was at our church on July 22, its November 24 and people still havent stoped talking about it. Evie was a special blessing and I saw her at 2 other concerts all with excelent performance and a heart of gold. - If you havent booked her yet you should do it now.

Keith@indieheaven says:

Congrats Evie on your engagement!

Denise Dovel says:

CONGRATS on your engagement! That is so exciting!!!
May God bless your union and use you mightily for His glory!
For His Fame -
Denise Dovel

Wisdom Moon says:


My wife and I host the All About Worship Podcast. We feature interviews with worship leaders like Paul Baloche, Darrell Evans, Big Daddy Weave, Vicky Beeching, Tim Hughes, and many others.

We are very excited to announce that in a few weeks we are going from being a bi-weekly podcast to a weekly podcast.

Every other week we will still keep the same format, featuring interviews with different worship leaders and songwriters. However, the other weeks, we will do a music podcast…it will be 20-30 minutes worth of music every other week by songwriters from all over the world!

We are now accepting song submissions. You can email us up to five original songs per month to be considered for the podcast. Visit for our criteria for song submissions. You must follow the instructions in order for your songs to be considered.

Quigley James says:

Hey Evie
I just wanted to say hello and let you know how much I am blessed listening to your music. God has given you a great treasure in the annointing he has bestowed on you! God's richest blessings to you.
PS Write back if you get a minute.

TerryWilbanks says:

Beautiful music! Sing on!

Rich says:


Carrie Postma says:

Gorgeous voice! God has certainly blessed you with a beautiful talent!

Jesse Shuster says:

Hi Evie,

I can't remember the last time we talked about a Boise show. I'd like to talk more about it if you're still interested. Maybe we can book something this Fall? What is your schedule looking like?
Talk to you soon,


Jeff Jaquith (White Stone) says:

Awesome show in Plymouth. Great to see the success of another Indie artist. Look forward to seeing you at Soulfest and maybe Bridgewater!

Jane says:

Saw you last night in Plymouth. What a fantastic job you did, preaching, singing, playing, and smiling. Best of Luck. Love the new song - One.

richard robison says:

may GOD continue to BLESS YOU ALL

Denise Dovel says:

Evei -
Had to stop by again and say I love your song, "Fall", too! So, when can we buy it? (o: Voted for you, too! Keep singing sweetly - it would be fun to minister together here in Richmond sometime.
All For Jesus,
Denise Dovel

kathy devlin says:

Your voice is beautiful!! Your lyrics are moving and you my dear are awesome!

Rachel Keagy says:

Thank you Evie for coming by! and for leaving your comment. I'm glad to read about your experience with GMA in 2005. I was there in 2006 and was a top 3 finalist in the vocals category. God Bless you and your music ministry.
Always Singing for Him ~Rachel :-)

David Wright ( Fellow IH Artist ) says:

Evie I dropped by to listen , and you have just added another fan. I love everything about your music, and will be dropping by regularly to listen. Keep up the great work, and best of luck to you.Your future is very bright from what I can see.

Peace & God Bless,

Michaela says:

Hey! We are totally digging your CD here in Florida. :)
I woke up singing "Cherished" this morning - what a great way to start my day!! Your music is a blessing, so keep it up girl!
Take care!

Anastasia Pothoven says:

I was checking out your music and had to stop and just worship the Lord as I listened to your song about crying Holy... it was truly a special moment just offering the cry of Holy to God. God has annointed you and gifted you with a voice that sings of His praises...what a blessing.

jane williams says:

I love Until Then. I wish you the best. You have certainly inspired me to spread the word of God.

Kerri (Crutch Field) says:

I really enjoyed your music at the CIA Summit! It is so beautiful, but God has also blessed you with a beautiful spirit that shines Him!

Josh says:

Album of the Year? Way to Go!

Denise Dovel says:

Evie -
The Lord has truly blessed you with an annointing and calling in Him! Your music is incredibly inspired, and I am so thankful to have met you at the Summit! I want to buy your song, "One" - it is so worshipful - thanks for using your gift for His glory!
All For Jesus,
Denise Dovel

Autumn Calvert says:

Beautiful girl, beautiful songs, beautiful voice, beautiful spirit....
You are just beautiful...I love you girl.

Emma says:

Wow! You are fantastic. I don't know anybody who can sing as well as you. Your the best!!!

Grace says:

Evie, Your on my ipod's "top-ten"..... your cousin, Grace.

Jon Polson says:

This is beautiful music from a beautiful heart! Thanks for sharing your heart with us Evie!

Brent Walker says:

My wife and I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your music this weekend at the Summit. Thanks for sharing your heart. We listened to your CD on the way home and had a great time with the music. Keep up the good work!

Drew Davidsen says:

I love your sound. Great production. My Beautiful Everthing is a great song! Welcome to IH.

Sherry Swee says:

Evie, This is my personal favorite on the cd. God bless you with many more incredible lyrics and music.

Martin Dean says:

very good, thanks for telling me about her

Darrell Haskell says:

A great worship CD that lifts hearts to Christ

Shary Amreim says:

God is using you to speak to hearts,may your efforts continue to be blessed by God

Hartley Lesser says:

Super production enhances an album that's a blessing to listen to... thanks for helping us all worship the Lord with such a superb offering.

Michelle Wheeler says:

Love it- this is a cd I would love to have & would listen to regularly-

Bob Crews says:

Your music touches my soul. This is a beautiful album. It is musically and lyrically fresh and authentic.

Denise Dovel says:

Congrats, Evie on your nomination! Hope to meet you at the Summit!

Lanny Reding says:

"If you appreciate great Christian Music, look no further.."

Paula Hawkins says:


Shelly Downs says:

"Beautiful writins and love the music."

john williams says:


Amy Gustafson says:

Your music sounds great!

Jon Haarstad says:

Fantastic writing... great stuff! Keep it up!

kim silvia says:

Your voice is amazing...angelic!

kathleen devlin says:

your awesome!

jane williams says:

Keep climbing up, your voice is heavenly.

Krista Fleming says:

Your lyrics are real. You put alot into it and it shows. Your genuine personality comes through in your music. Great job Evie!

ruthie sou says:

i like this song

Robin Bailey says:

Your music is definitely divinely inspired.

Jayson Heaton says:

She's so awesome! I know of her because of my mother in law who knows her. She could be a very big star, but I know that is not her focus. Very amazing vocals and music!!!

Tommy Haskell says:

I know all your songs by heart now and I find myself singing them all the time!



Donald serpette says:

Hi Evie,Welcome to Indieheaven, and keep giving him the praise.

Pamela Maddox says:

Great job, Evie! So good to hear the heartfelt message of worship.

kathy VARIS says:

i find myself singing this as i go through my day. just lovely !

scott carmichael says:

I love the flowing 6/8 feel on the piano with the clear pure voice.. exellent

Courtney Spears (IH) says:

Hey Evie, Way to go with your music. Sounds awesome!

Terry Kent says:

Listeningn to you brings me to such powerful, deep, and joyous worship. Thank you!

erik sittinger says:

you are such a great talent, amazing!!

Kathleen Devlin says:

you are a natural. this is one of my favorites. hurry up and make some more.

Cyndi Peterson says:

Wow- that is amazing!

Jim Anderson says:

My Beautiful Everything is such a great song!!!

Joseph Giampietro says:

To God be the Glory for the gift He has given you - Incredibly beautiful way of drawing you into the very presence of our Lord! Thank You!

Deborah Egler says:

Your music is amazing, and inspiring.

Keith Pope says:

Beautiful and inspiring music. I enjoy listening to this music in the evening.

Laureen Fagerland says:

Music to soothe your soul! Beautiful sound! I love it!

James Devlin says:

I could see this song ending a good movie. It leaves you feeling good. You are blessed, Evie!

Ellen Moore says:

When I listen to Evie sing I feel the presence of angels and I go through boxes of tissues!! Evie you have been blessed with the gift of music and I wish you all the success in the world.. you will make a difference in many lives...

Michael Wanberg says:

Evie it's awesome to see your music doing so well!!! Keep it up!

Helen Petruzziello says:

Beautiful sound, very peaceful!

Sherry Swee says:

Her music is worshipful and leads you straight to God. I especially love "Until Then".

Marie Devlin says:

I think I have listened to "Greater" over and over again since I first heard it! Love it.

Martyn Casserly (Glass Darkly) says:

Really liked 'My Beautiful Everything'. Good work!

Amanda Ball says:

I have ALWAYS loved your voice, Evie! Jesse and I love you and miss you! -One of your biggest fans! :)

Richard Gephart says:

Wonderful music, thank you for the fantastic worship. I love the whole CD!

Herman Bunniper says:

Awesome Tunes. I love the music.

Peggy Haskell says:

Inspirational,original, heart-felt music with a REAL message! I'm lovin' it!

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Beautiful arrangements Evie! I love your music!

Bree Noble says:

Your voice is compelling and clear. Love your piano-driven style. IH artist from Cali.

Jim Black (IH artist) says:

Beautiful voice, beautiful songs from a heart that loves God...

patty hayes says:

I realy enjoyed this especially the first song, but them i'm a pianist so anything with a good piano track, speaks to me, your voice is light and airy remenicent of Mindy Smith, and your harmonies are lovely. the production is also quite professional. Good work. Blessings, Patty

Ken Fallon says:

I love that Evie's work is not your typical 4/4 pop drivel. Its energy, groove and worship qualities are outstanding!

Kamron Burchett says:

We love you! So good to see you here on IH.

Janet Burchett says:

Love the your original vocal sound and lyrics

Teri Herndon says:

Evie's songs are born from a heart of a worshipper. Thanks for blessing us Evie!

Marcia Anzalone says:

The East Coast loves you!!!!

Josh Herndon says:

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice, beautiful piano... I am really looking forward to where God is taking you! Thank you for blessing us with your talents!

Andrea Parker says:

Welcome to Indieheaven! Great to have you here!

Patty Stark says:

I have not been this thrilled with a new Christian artist since Twila Paris! I love Evie!!

Bryan from Mended Vessels says:

I have that SongDisc. Great song. Welcome to IH.

Alison Stevens says:

Welcome to IH, Evie!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Evie.. what a wonderful artist and excellent writer! You and Billy have teamed up and created something very unique and special! Way to go!

Peg Devlin says:

Your music and voice is anointed! It is so refreshing!

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