miki mcgee says:

I just love hearing y'all sing when I can and I love it Glenn I would love to put this song on facebook for everyone to here so I can brag on you I love you. Mki

Joel says:

Wow... what a bassist.

Jodi says:

I still think you should come to tyler haha.

Beth Bucklin says:

Great voice and wonderful words. Keep it up!

Connie Scott says:

Hey Gang, you've got some great music and awesome worship going on. Blessings on you all!

Shelly Wilson says:

Love yall's music. Total worship, it's awesome! Be Blessed!

Jeff Jaquith - (White Stone) says:

Nice variety. Love the harmonies!! God Bless!

Rick Phillips/Serve Productions says:

You guys are ready to roll. You sound awesome! Great production!

Tom Autry says:

Wow! Wow! MOM!You sound as good as you do "live". Thanx for the kind words, Glen...the same and many more back to you and your whole group of blessings! When are you coming to Branson?

Threads Music says:

Sounds great. Keep it up.

Stephen Miessner says:

NICE work. Clean pure worship. Thanks for sharing

Jodi Kittle says:

You guys! You really need to come to Tyler,Tx!

Kim Krenik says:

OH MY GOSH! YOU GUYS SOOO ROCK! When r u coming through California's Central Valley, would love to see ya live! Blessings to u all in your ministry - <><

Vera says:

Can't wait to hear more. There is more to come, right?

Katie says:

Yall are my absolute favorite band. Thanks to Dan, I heard about yall.

Jason McKay says:

You Guys Are Awesome!

CEGAH 2004 says:

check out ... You may find it to be a worthwhile thing to check out! says:

Well at first glance i thought you were a ska/punk band ... but your not... the music is Great! the web site is great! love the cd cover to.. keep praising God! God Bless

olivia jones says:

have not heard all of it but i know its good!

Jason Harvey says:

you forgot one song!!! 'Your Love' Otherwise I'd give it a 10.

David Contreras says:

Glen & guy (1 girl)good stuff! We had the oportunity in being lead in worship by y'all at Calvary. Keep looking up and you'll get there!

Charlsie says:

I saw you guys at The Door w/Superchick. Very good!

Lynne says:

Wonderful voice!!! Great lyrics!!!! Love to listen to you!

Michael "The Yellow Dart" Sanders says:

Hey "handsome!" I don't think I've seen this little site. You've been holding out on me! Your CD is great. We should listen to it in class more often, as in at least once. When the other CD comes out we're definitely going to have to bust out with it. If I had a CD, I'd have it playing non-stop, sort of like this comment. Catch you later

Ken Verheecke says:

Whoa... I am blown away! Glenn your CD "Sing it away" is now on my must have list! Keep up the good work.

Robert says:

Definitely the greates accoustic artist in the history of music!

J B ;) says:

We love you Mr. Glenn!

Samille Johnson says:

Great Trax Buddy.Your voice touched my soul,i felt the annointing of GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!

B. Comerford says:

I love the mix. It brings comfort to my soul.

Stephy P. says:

Thanks for being a blessing to CCI on Sunday nights!!

Ray says:

I downloaded this song "sing it away" many years ago! I burned it on a CD and have listened to it many times. I was hoping I could find someting else from Glenn! The song was free, and so was my spirit many times after hearing it! Thanks!

Joe says:

Great song! Nice vocals and harmony. Well recorded acoustic guitar. Nicely produced as well.

Joel says:

PS4o roolz!

Kacie says:

This guys are so awesome i've heard them play and i cant wait to hear them again i love the music and i'd bring all my friends to hear them play.

Kathryn Sneckner says:

GREAT music!!!

Joel says:

Glenn is the greatest musical artist of our lifetime. Thanks for keeping it real! Joel

c. comerford says:

YOur music is great. I want to sing just like you.

Keith @ Indie Heaven says:

Glenn, Please email us your new email address. Your old @home email address is not working. Thanks! keith

jowhunah says:

you rock

Kris Quinten says:

Mr. Tidwell - your music is awesome! I always feel like I can worship God through your songs. GOOD LUCK WITH PS40!!

Johanna says:

Hey mr tidwell your so kewl!! Everbody is missing out when they dont get to have you lead us in Worship, ya know? Keep it up in everything!!!

Robert Young says:

Mr. tidwell is a great person and a great teacher. But his greatest accomplishment is his singing career!

Terrie Winkle says:

Going through some musicians on this site and came across you ... What a great voice! Bless the Lord and what He is doing in your ministry. Keep it up!

Rachel Clark says:

Thanx Agian for everything Mr. Tidwell I'm looking forward to always please, please play sing it away next week I LOVE that song!! later!

Lane Keyser says:

I came back to order another CD for a friend, now NA! I hope more are released in the future, God Bless

Kelly says:

Wow! That was the best Christian CD! Talk about bringing me closer to the Lord.

Suzanne Morris says:

Glenn, appreciate your music, no. 1 because there is an anointing on your life and you love the Lord.

Rachel Clark says:

hey Mr. Tidwell your music is great I love Chapel every week I can't live w/out it!! thanx for all your encouragment though your music!!

Wade Comerford says:

hey mr tidwell, your music is pretty cool like fro

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