Juanita FaasLATEST STATUS: Preparing for two upcoming performances. One in Claresholm and one in Canmore. Back to work, all is gong well.

Dale Gallagher says:

Prayed for you today and have been praying and we have been since you parked your trailer at the church here in Charlottetown, PE
I tried your card email address and it came back. We still pay for you when your card comes up and will continue to do so.
Dale and Margaret

edson from brasil says:

hi juanita, nice to meet you i would speak spanish, by your name...but lets in english. i write this mail to ask if you want see your music in brasilian air waves. i have two hours week for divulge smooth fusion jazz,-in south america is not like usa, full time jazz, i ask you some cd-promote to play at station. my first desire is try popularize the good sound. think about. edson from brasil. regards.

Melissa Saulnier says:

Can we use your music on our radio station Oikeo Grassroots Radio LIVE 365

Karen says:

Hi Juanita. I was listening to the IH radio and heard your song. I just had to come on and say what an amazing talent that you have. Keep up the great work for God.

Tanne Hughes says:

WOW Juanita! I didn't know you had such a gift! You told me you played the piano but not like this! HaHa! I hope when you come back to Jacksonville, you will share with us at the womens meeting.

Sending you & your family love and care,


Kiersten Venezia says:

Nice stuff Jaunita! Heard "Joshua" on Fan Faves and LOVED it! Wish I could play like that :)


liz Dugger says:

I like the way the music travels....takes you places throughout a piece. Great skill! Blessings and Merry Christmas.

Jerry Lee Miller says:

WOW! I love Angelkids! Great fun and great medicine! Truly inspired me! I'll be back to listen to more. Waltz of the Angels is cool,too. I've been preaching on angels and advent.

Charlene Brummund says:

Your talent is such an amazing gift from God that, but you have put so much work into developing that talent into something spectacular. I am even more amazed by the obvious heart for God and people that you, Wayne and Myrina have shown through your unselfish acts of kindness. I am praying that God will bless you and your family beyond your wildest expectations! Hope to see you back at Hillcrest soon!

Samantha Grexton says:

May God continue to bless your hands as you do His fine work :)

Denise Hill says:

Awesome as usual!!!!

mary says:

awesome! Music is great

Cindy Cook says:

Absolutely fabulous! I loved what I heard.

Joan and Scott Cowan says:

So, So thrilled for all the exciting changes in your lives! Music just keeps getting better and better! God Bless all your travels and endeavors! Hope the Road trip proves to be a binding experience ...We miss you!

Sue Motz says:

We are praying for you and following your events. God bless you and keep you safe as you travel.

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Beautiful music!

Samantha Grexton says:

How God has blessed you with a talent that can reach people in a way nothing else can!

Laura Principato says:

(Indieheaven member) Wow, Juanita - you are extremely talented! Wishing you God's continued blessings in your ministry.

Joel Rosenberger says:

Holy Hands was powerful and inspiring! I'll do what I can to move it up the radio chart!

Denise Hill says:

So thrilled that we had this calibre of music at little old Starfish Cafe in Calgary!!

Cecilia Ifko Ifko says:


Don Billey says:

Love your style, passion for the music, and heart to minister. Hope to see you when you make your way through the US this year.

Becky Wright says:

WOW!!! I got LOST in the music! I LOVE IT! A refreshing breath into Indie Heaven (as much as I love IH, lol!) WELCOME, sister! Becky Wright

Jodi Faith says:

Always love the powerful interpretation of your art! God Bless You girl as you give it all up for our awesome God!

Wesley Waldron says:

Hi Juanita. Nice keyboard work. 'Blessed are We' was my fave. Cool solo. Your drummer and bassist do a nice job on that one too. In my humble opinion the rappin' on Attitudes I seems to get in the way of your great playing. That's why I gave it a 9. Keep up the good work and let me know when you are in Ohio.

MyKey K - Pyro Piano Alterboy (Rating 88+) says:


Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us Juanita! I wish you all the very best!

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