Michael HiskeyLATEST STATUS: writing new material!....

Nate Marialke says:

Thanks for the comment my friend! Blessings on your music and ministry!

Rich O'Reilly says:

Beautiful Song...Well written

Doug Hallock says:

Hey Michael, 'Forgive' is an awesome song! I really like your voice a lot. Great job on this song.
Doug Hallock

jane patterson says:

LOVE the new music!!!! hope to see you at the concert on the 8th!!!

Vanessa Jackson says:

Thanks so much for the welcome and for your comment. It's nice to meet you. I'm enjoying listening to your music.

Chuck Haas says:

I love the song I Came To Sing! Awesome!

@Dee Emeigh says:

Enjoyed your song, "Forever Amen."

laura mcmillan says:

Wow, beautiful music Michael! Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Best Wishes, Laura McMillan

Brandon Hixson says:

Great tunes brother!

Steven Childs Pennamen says:

Love what I am hearing, great songwriting & guitar work...
God Bless You....Steven Childs Pennamen


hey michael send me your new song .... i want it friend. (like alot)

520 west 5th street
newton ks 67114

Sue Pinkston says:

I enjoy your music so much. Forever Amen is a great version of The Lord's Prayer. Nice to hear. We love you..Sue Pink.

Kari Aldridge says:

LOVE the new songs!!!!

Andrina Bolick says:

Michael, We love your new music, old music - all that you do! You are a special person! The Bolick's

Sherry Carlson says:

I love Micharel's songs and his voice. We heard his song "May I have this Dance" at the funeral of his Grandmother. He wrote it for her and it was such a beautiful tribute. Love the new one "Somewhere in Forever" too. Been sending this link out to all my friends.

Lynna Reed says:

Michael, I graduated from hi school with your Aunt Sherry and we IM daily. She led me to your site and your music is lovely!! Keep up the good work!

Todd Miller says:

Mike! What a beautiful song! Sad, touching, but so concise. You're writing has ony continued to mature and crystalize. Keep writing! Your heart for music and the Lord is evident. I hope we can get together sometime and create some tunes. It would be a pleasure.

Pam Ward says:

Michael I'm Brian's mother. I want you to know that your song touched my heart. You have a great gift with songwriting. Use it!

John Hoffman says:

What an AWESOME gift! What an AWESOME God!

kathi gilliam says:

I have truely enjoyed listiening to the song somewhere in forever. It is truely helped me thru somethings and help me look to god for more things now then before. thank you so much

Barbara Miller Collins says:

This is awesome! Thank you. I wish more traditonal churches could accept the more contemporary christain music. It would definitely help bring the younger into the church.

Pamela Whitaker says:

Wonderful song very touching. I can relate to every word; my son lost his battle with Batten's Disease in 1992



Misty McDaniel says:

Mike, Thank u for sharing your talent with us at church.We enjoy your Check This Out cd all the time in the car, and even the kids know the words because we listen to it so much. U are an awesome artist and i hope the lord continues to bless you and your family. Thanks, The Mcdaniel Family

Deona Blake says:

Michael...YOU ROCK! Marion and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your music! Especially HOLY....Thanks for allowing us to worship thru your music every Sunday!

Michelle Benfield says:

What a pleasure it is to sing your music in worship to our King!!! Thanks Michael!

Alexis Mclain says:

I love your music!!!!!!!!

the girl that lives with Joy!!!!!!!!! Alexis

Kim Sheeks says:

WOW!!! This tugs at my heartstrings! Michael captures the essence of long-lasting, long-living love. I foresee this as a song which many brides would love to use as "a first dance song" at their weddings!!!

Mary Alexander says:

I am the Hospice Volunteer for your Grandmother. I visit her and another patient at the Leonardville Nursing Home. I noticed when I signed the guest book yesterday that you had been to see her over the Holidays. Thats great. I tried to send you a message last night, but it didn't go through. We would like to get your permission to play your CD "May I Have This Dance" at our annual "Tree of Light". I will be happy to purchase it. I would also like to get one of your CD's listed here. Mary Alexander

Eleanor Hiskey says:

I cried and cried when I first heard it. It is so true of Mother and Dad. And, the whole family knew Mother as "Babe". Now I find joy and healing as I listen and "remember". Thank you to you and all who gave of their gifts and amazing talents to produce this uplifting and inspired tribute. A forever treasure to me! We all must carry on with the dance ... or "Carry the Tune". [I love your recording of that song] My love and prayers are with you & your little family always, Mom

Angie Bacon says:

I love it!!

courtney spears says:

It was such a joy to be able to sing on your amazing song!! I hope it touches many hearts. Merry Christmas!
courtney spears

Leah Lanier Gates says:

Great Song!!! "May I Have This Dance"...Wondeful vocals, great message, very tasteful and refreshing to listen to!!! Blessings....Leah Lanier Gates


michael may i have this dance i mean song. good stuff my friend.

Harry Offutt says:

Michael, I really like the new song! I love positive songs that celebrate our families and personal history. Well done. Love what your indie friends brought to the song as well!

Kiersten Venezia says:

Hey Michael, I just met your friend Dennis Coffman today at a gig I played at the restaurant he's working at in St. Louis! Small world. Great tunes on your site too. Glad to "meet" you!

Janelle Ross says:

Wow! Love your sound, so vibrant and alive. Your songs remind me that God is good. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Janelle Ross

Kim McLean says:

Michael, I just sat and listened to you music. It was so beautifully healing. You are special. Your productions are clean and without any distractions to the message. I am so truly blessed after listening. Thank you for stopping by my page...because I have gotten such a Christmas present in your music. Blessings my brother! kim

Harry Offutt says:

Really nice news item you wrote about Nathan Clark George! Always nice to see other artists inspired to support the work of fellow musicians

Nathan Clark George says:

Michael - thanks so much for the note and for stopping by our little concert. It was great o to meet you and your family!! I've enjoyed listening to your music as I write this - great job - great guitar playing.

Peace to you!

Steve Hanich - Fools Forgiven says:

Your song Alive is so good it needs to be put right into the main rotation of all the big Christian radio stations , Praise God !

Lisa Helder says:

Hi Michael,
May God bless your journey with him. Great tunes!!! Lisa (GivingBack)

Loretta Williams Gurnell says:

Thanks so much Michael. You have a funky groove and pretty catchy. Let God continue to move through you.

Drew Davidsen says:

Very nice bro! I love the new one on the FAN FAVES! "Find" is great! I love the guitars and the harmonies.

Vini Contreas says:

Nobody can sing like that . . . Re: 'Hold Me For a While' . . It appears that he is! Many Blessings!

Carolyn Haney says:

Hi Michael, I am farely new here to IH and I noticed your song on IH radio and LOVED IT! God bless your beautiful Gift. Thank you for sharing it with our youth. What a blessing and call to worship!

Michael Smith says:

I've only heard "Ancient of Days" but that was enough to know that this is a worship experience. Blessings to you!!

Lauren Thomas says:

Your CD is so COOL! I love listening to it on the way to school. Thanks for teaching Luke all he knows.

Steffannie Gonzalez says:

Let me tell you something - the moment I began listening I immediately sensed a heavy call to worship - may God continue to bless your ministry and expose your music minsitry to the world.

marcia schmidt says:

thank you for listening to that still small voice!

Harry Offutt says:

Michael, I am really digging your sound. Sorry it took me so long to get a rate on your page bro! Ancient of Days came on the chart and it reminded me how much I appreciate your friendship and your music.

Mary Naman says:

Way to go, Michael! You are truly anointed...

Mark Mireles says:

Hey BRo! Ijust talked to you in the Chat room! Dude,I love your music! Great sounds!

Philip Hoppe says:

Sounds great Michael! Let me know if you are coming to Kansas, I want to have you play for us...

Kim Sheeks says:

This is a superb CD--my 19 year-old son says he didn't know gospel music could sound this alive..this fantastic!

Chris Tempest(Indieheaven) says:

Rock On, brother!!

jeannie kirkpatrick says:

l love your songs brother.very refreshing..........l think the songs that spoke to me are 6) Holy and 7) ancient of days and 5)hold me for a while......wonderful songs michael with meaning and Holy Spirit anointing........Jeannie Owner Of JCP(jeannieschatplace)


I CAME TO SING--- such a great song.. and the first for michael on kbcu 88.1 PRIVLEDGE TO PLAY SONGS off his GREAT cd.

Randy Carlson says:

I'm proud of you Michael. Keep moving forward & sharing your gift with the world.

Sarah Higgins says:

A GREAT CD!!! I love every song on it. Thank you Michael for sharing you wonderful talent with God's people

Dianne Heilig says:

The songs on your CD are so good. It is very evident you love singing and composing for the Lord.

Carolyn Cavanagh says:

Really great music Michael! I've enjoyed listening today and have been blessed.

Eli Hiskey says:

All of these songs are wonderful! I love you!! My favorite is the "beach song" because I am one of your leagacies sleeping in my bed.

Sabrina Caudill says:

Your CD is great!! I loved your bio. It was so from the heart. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and your family. Keep praising His name.

Courtney Spears (IH) says:

Hey Michael, Great sound, great songs!

Beth DeYarmon says:

Michael" I was listening trying to pick my favorite song, however I can't I like them all the same. Great Job! God has truly blessed you with music. Thanks for sharing this with me.

Pat Taylor says:

Michael: 10 Great Songs praising God. Great job.

Susan Nelson says:

God is blessing you through your music ministry!

Cindy Martin says:

Beautiful! I bought a CD to send to my nieces in South Dakota! Get your own to check out and one for someone you love. Blessings to you, Michael & Rhonda!

Matt Watford says:

Great sound... Congrats and God Bless

Adolphus Castor says:

very good

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

I love your music and your style! God bless you and your ministry.

Stacey Quaranta says: CD is awesome! Keep up the good work!!!

Whitney Pritchard says:

I love your music MIchael! Congrats on everything!

Kari Aldridge says:

Its awesome Michael, I love it!

Martyn Casserly (Glass Darkly) says:

Great stuff mate. really liked 'I came to sing'.

Drew Davidsen says:

Great job! Check out my new tunes. Please visit my page and let me know what you like. God Bless!

Jennifer Shaw says:

Michael, what an incredibly lovely comment to leave on my page. Thank you so much! And I can return the compliment - I've loved listening to your music and would like it even better if you weren't chasing me so closely on the radio chart :) . God bless your ministry!

Ondria Durocher says:

Mike, Your music is so fantastic! I cannot wait to read Susan's article on your new album. I'm sure you have so many inspirational ideas behind it. Maybe we could team up for a worship event sometime. I pray that the Lord blesses you in your ministry! Thank you for your interest in me and my ministry, as well.

Shirley Merritt says:

You are a very talented young man working for the Lord. Can't wait to get my CD's so I can help you spread the "word". Keep up the good work!!!

Haley Messer says:

You have the BEST song!!! "Deliver"

Patti Aldridge says:

Great Album.

sarah jackson says:

i loved it! (cary holberts niece)

victoria byers says:

WOOOOHOOO!!! We're so proud!

Jim Massey says:

Mike, great songs. I like your style and your heart to reach the lost. Being a worship leader I can relate to your bio. Keep spreading the Word!

Angela Bacon says:

Hey Uncle Mike! Congrats! You are by far my favorite music artist!! I still haven't taken your CD out of my car!! Love ya lot's~

Mary Spicer says:

You music is awesome! I listen to your tape every morning before I start work and your songs lights up my heart.

Sandy Sanchez says:

Thanks for sharing your heart with us !

Josiah Byers says:

great album

Julie Beaver says:

Deliverer.... This song brings so much engery,to worship. I enjoy singing this song,the words say it all. "Let his name be praised forever." KEEP USING YOUR TALENTS FOR THE LORD.

David Lettenmaier says:

hey man long time no ur music is soo great...i am a huge fan!!! hope to hear from u soon!

Leigh Graham says:

Awesome!! I loved it!

Lisa Pinion says:

Michael, you will never know how much it warms my heart to watch my nine year old sing so loud to your songs on Sunday mornings that people around him stop singing to listen. Deliverer always inspires me to raise my hands to heaven to praise in public which is saying something for a girl raised a strict Lutheran. I admire you for always trying to find ways to walk closer to Christ.

Collin Darnell says:

Your new CD is awesome man!!!! Thanks for sharing your talents with me. I can't wait to start back with my guitar lessons from you.

Dolores Hatfield says:

A talented voice for our Lord!

Greg Hartell says:

Sounds great Michael!! Your talent,hard work, and dedication has truly produced great music. Keep up the great work!!

Lynn Dworak says:

Can't wait to share this with the youth group at church!!!! You are extremely blessed with talent!!!

Betty Depew says:

Always love to hear new artists that work for the Lord. I think the younger generation enjoy this type of music and puts them in touch with the Lord. I will buy for my grandchildren. Betty Depew

Amie Goodman says:

wow!!! Awesome new works! So excited to hear your new music and blessings to you as you travel and sing for the Lord! Amie

Sherry Carlson says:

I was very impressed with this Song....loved the words

Becky Wright says:

Michael, WELCOME to IH! GREAT sound on your song "Deliverer" on the chart! Glad to have you! Becky Wright

Shelley Bacon says:

Awsome work! Definately annointed:) Your music is touching lives for Christ. Thanks for being His Key:)

Gil Bush says:

Very good dude! Great job on the arangements and the songs flow really well! Can't wait to hear the entire cd. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with us. To the ultimate artist - God! GodRox

Cindy Dunagan says:

Kudos! Your songs linger, what a great way feel Godís love.

Cathy Reynolds says:

Michael, cool music. Glad to have you at Indieheaven. Welcome to the family! Love and GOD Bless. Cathy

Dennis Coffman says:

Michael, thank you for sharing! I am so happy that you are still putting on paper and into words what so many of us feel on our hearts. God Bless, my brother!

Todd Pinion says:

Dude...Your music are a natural storyteller with a great gift...I appreciate your friendship and support..If you ever need anything, you know where I'm at...TWP....P.S. Loved the Bio

Brad Farmer says:

Snippets sound awesome, can't wait to get the CD.

Chris Pittman says:

Hey Michael, Great job, as always!! You're talent is such a blessing and I'm truly honored to know you!! Rock On My Brother!!!! Chris

Eleanor Hiskey says:

Michael, thank you for sharing the talents God gave you. I'm continually blessed as I "get with the Lord for a little while" with your music. My love & prayers ... always, Mom

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Michael, so nice having you with us on Indieheaven! I wish you all the very best!

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