Ray Hyde

Lyrone Steed says:

Prince of Peace is my "new" favorite song.....

Leah says:

Your voice is just beautiful. Listening to this put me in a happy place. I have copies of my Niece's cd as well. I will be buying this from you soon. I have to send her some money. If you would like a copy of her cd let me know. Mary has a link to one of their songs on UTube. I'm gonna send her a link to this site and maybe she can upload her cd on here and u can listen to it. We have a family that is very talented. I sang in choirs for most of my life. My sister Pat sings, her daughter Vernice and Vernice's daughters and son and surprising my son Philip has a beautiful voice as well. It makes we wonder how many of us in this family has been blessed with the voices of God. Love you Ray. Continue spreading the words of Gods melodies. says:

So nice to have you with us on Indieheaven, I really enjoyed your songs, you have an excellent voice! Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

Dan says:


wesley mark says:

Very, very nice. Rock is so smooth and sweet. Welcome to IndieHeaven. God bless and use you.

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