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  Phil Munton

Phil Munton says:

Until we decide to go for the gold again here at indie-heaven....
Please check out my video/slide-show of the musical children's book that I wrote, illustrated and performed entitled "You Are An Eagle, You Can Fly".
It's a spiritual story about an eagle who was raised by chickens and told she couldn't fly. Then, one day, the little baby eagle finds out who she really is!
It was written to teach our children that they should always believe in themselves and to help them develop high self-esteem and more confidence.
The trailer can be viewed at
There are four mixes of the title song and the words of the song match the words in the book/video. You can also get a hard copy of the book and cd at Or, if you prefer a physical dvd, visit
Also, in an effort to promote peace and end violence among children, women and men, I'm giving away a free song that ponders the different ways to deal with anger. The name of the song is "Where Does This Anger Come From?" and you can get your free download at
If you know of someone who could use some assistance in getting a better grip on some anger issues, I hope you will get the free song and send this to them
in order to begin some good healthy discussions about dealing with feelings in a way that doesn't hurt someone else.
Thanks for visiting this site & this page. Many Blessings to you and yours! PM

Phil Munton says:

Thank you all for participating and helping to get "God Songs" up to number 3.
It was great fun watching it climb the ih chart and I thought we did fairly well for my first try at this. I appreciate all the comments, votes, support and especially the downloaded sales! Perhaps we'll do this again in the future. Thanks again! PM

Phil Munton says:

Thank you Ann!
I'm always happy to get feedback. Good to hear from you!

Ann Clarton says:

I like the tune. Way to go Phil!

Phil Munton says:

Final chance to rate "God Songs" is today Saturday 1-26-13 thru Wednesday 1-30-13.
If you haven't voted/rated God Songs with 5 stars yet, please go back a page to where the stars are and cast your vote once a day between now and Wednesday while the song is playing and ask your friends to vote too so we can get up to number one!
Thanks for participating in this good-fun time!.

Phil Munton says:

W-O-W! Thanks for that GREAT compliment Stanley! Being unique is what it's all about in music. I'm very happy to hear you and your little one like it. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and listen!

Stanley says:

You have unique voice Phil. My little one and I love it!

Phil Munton says:

Terri - Thank you very much for purchasing those downloads yesterday.
I am so thrilled to receive the highest compliment of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Phil Munton says:

Thankyou Andrea! Awesome is such a powerful word. I like it.

andrea petty says:

Awesome dude!

Phil Munton says:

Hi Jose! I appreciate your support. Thanks!

Jose Hernandez says:

Way a go guey!!!!!!!

Phil Munton says:

Hey Greg! Thanks for commenting, listening and voting!

Greg says:

Phil Rocks

Phil Munton says:

Hi Henry!
Always great to get a compliment from a fellow performing/songwriter/recording-artist. You know what it's like to get that one mix that makes you scream out, "Yep, that's the take! Publish that one!" You know about the magic that happens in the studio sometimes and the luck involved other times. So thanks much for your high marks, it means a lot. I'm Keeping The Faith alright, and I'm also trying to Share it with the world by Expressing God's Love Through Music.
Thanks again for your feedback and continued good luck with your songs too!
Keep rockin' brother and spreading His Words of Love! Who knows, maybe we can make the world a better place with the music He sends us! PM

Phil Munton says:

Hey Jim! Thanks for your very kind words! I appreciate you taking the time to write your thoughts!

j warren says:

i,m extremely impressed. thought is was great.

Henry Staggers says:

Way to move Phil nice work , Keep the Faith

Phil Munton says:

Thanks John....I appreciate the comment. Glad you like it. PM

John Lang says:

Nice quiet style , easy listening, I like it.

Phil Munton says:

I'm glad to be a new member of this group expressing God's Love through music

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