David WoodLATEST STATUS: I don't want to limit anyone from hearing the music God gave me. All songs are full length for your listening pleasure.

Sue Finney says:

Hi David ")

Have you put this song on yet? I have a few other suggestions too :)
You Can Trust the Lord
Amazing Grace
Many Years

Just thinking too... just a suggestion.... can you add an acoustic piano to this piece with a cascading cord in the 3rd octave. Sort of might sound like
the rain coming down to surround... Take it with a grain of salt..

Thanks for using your talents so fully !

Jennifer Parkhurst says:

Well personally i like "I'll be with you" but they are all good. But all time favorite is "Momma." Anyways I don't know how to vote on here but you always have my vote! I love you and good luck!

Waylene says:

Love Through Your Eyes just as I do all your songs!

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