1a.m.LATEST STATUS: Happy New Everybody!

Luisa Sarsonas says:

I didn't know that you guys have Instrumental album, I was hooked instantly, a very sweet vibe.Definitely will grab one. Keep it up!


Go guys!!! go to vcf davao some time :D

Susan Melton says:

Will you ever come to the United States? I just commented on the Christian Praise 4 worship website.

TJ says:

Wow, this is amazing. Excellent work, wish I was there with you guys. See you all very soon

Eddie Cavazos says:

Received my copy of the June 2008 S-Disc and I love, "I Will Declare Your Name"! So worshipful and annointed...may God continue to bless your ministry!

Eddie Cavazos
(writer of, "Here I Am", Track 6 on June 2008 S-Disc)

Dustin Samuel says:

Hey guys - Found your song (I Will Declare Your Name) on the Fan Faves and really enjoyed it. Very nice. Hope my vote helps in a much deserved move up to the top of the charts! I'm anxious to come back to your page and check out all your other songs. God's best!


Valli Johnson says:

I know God looks down and smiles at all of you! What wondeful music you play and sing!

Garrett1am says:

Hey Guys!

All glory to God! 1am has been nominated for an International award called Newsome Award 2008! This award is based in Baltimore, USA and this time round, the song 'My Father' has been submitted and has been accepted for nomination.

If you have been blessed by this song and truly desire to see 1am to be able to continue to bless the nation, please vote for us by clicking here!

Category : International Artist of the Year

Song: One Accord My Father

Voting period has already begin and will end on May 14th 2008. So hurry and start voting for 1am!

Thank you all!

Lara Marriott says:

I LOVED "My God Is So Big"!! How cool to have the kids sing all the way up to young adults. What a great hidden message of the church. I think anyway. Thanks for putting in on Fan Faves. God Bless You!

Jane Shoo says:

i like it so much...!

Dana Tock says:

Hello 1 AM!

I'm just hearing you for the first time today thanks to "Fan Faves". I'm blessed and moved by your music. May the LORD continue to bless you all in all the ministries He calls you into for Him. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,

Bella Dipchand says:

Very beautiful and inspirational lyrics and music. Keep up the good work.

Drew Davidsen says:

My Father really touched me on the fan faves today. Really great song. Love the guitars and the words. I gave it 5 stars.Have an awesome day. Drew (smooth jazz guitar)

Cathy J Reynolds says:

I saw your listing on the front. How cool! Our GOD is so great! GOD Bless.

Keith@Indieheaven says:

great job on your music!
Wonderful having you with us on Indieheaven!
Keith Mohr

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice songs guys. Love the production. Have great day! Drew.

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice music! Great songs and production. Your words are powerful.

Fred B. says:

"My Father" by 1AM band is more than a song. It's too personal.

Noe Esparza Jr says:

Your album, I am Revelation, is awesome. You are my all is great. God Bless you.

judy lee says:

it's totally awesome.. all the songs are very unique in its own words..

jun gan says:

draws me back to the heart of worship..

Biangz O says:

Cant wait for the upcoming 23rd March Easter Concert 1AM is performining at KDU!!! Truly it will be a God experiencing moment!

Chek Sie says:

\\\"...Indescribable! ...\\\"

Chew Lee Fuan says:

very good, keep it up...

lee suit yan says:

1 am songs are truly inspiring... keep it up and i will alwiz support u guys!

Arlyne Kunyir says:

The songs written are more than words and music, it is an inspiration to worship God and to connect with Him intimately. Thank you for the wonderful songs 1AM~! =^:^=

Ben Raj says:

truly an inspiring and amazing album that can bring this generation and the lost souls to reach God... keep rocking u guys!!

Carlson Collin says:

1AM touched so many lives in lot's of ways bringing people closer to God,taking people to know God as their mighty Savior and just stirring up the people's spirits to glorify and worship our Father.In short,1AM ROCKS!!!!!!

Carolyn Lee says:

When I listen to 1AM songs I can't help it but to worship God from where I am. The songs stir my spirit and cause change in my heart because the songs are God breathed!

Shoo Jane says:

1 a.m you\\\'re the best =) Keep it up, waiting for the next album!

norman fong says:

keep it up.... i will always support u guyz... u guys r cool... god bless u guyz..

Teo Charles says:

Good the VERY...!!! keep it up.. and Sing for God

Ng Calvin says:

Cant wait for the 2nd album :) You guys are truly worshippers, no longer musicians.



Tze Yun G. says:

1AM IS GREAT. cant wait for the 2nd album to be launch.

Elle L says:

Everytime I hear these songs and worship, it's easy to get connected to God;especially Holy Spirit Come. That's always something special. Keep going guys! All the best for your 2nd album!

George Lee says:

I am not a music fan, but I like it.

Jor Han Lau says:

The song that really inspiring me to Praise God.

Felicia Teague says:

how could this be rated any Lower it exalts the Lord blessings ....

oreo sux says: inspiring...

Brunetta Mathew says:

Very very well done. Awesome music. Is it possible to get the lyrics and chord sheets of the recording!!

John Quigley says:

Nice sound, good for when I want to spend time just listening, or during meditation. It is a soul sound.

JonWesley Barnhill says:

I really was touched by the Spirit in your music. I would love to have a copy of your CD, I don't see how I can get one. Please let me know. I would love to share it with our church. May God bless your ministry.

danny from mile7 says:

You have great music and an awesome ministry! Welcome to Indieheaven!

Russ Reese says:

Beautiful music. Reminds me of Vineyard music, very well done.

Ruth Naing says:

Can't wait for SOLD OUT & HERE I AM!!!

Robin Olaik says:

Wow what an anointing of the Lord on your music!!!

Becky Wright says:

WOW! So anointed! So BEAUTIFUL!! SO glad you're here on IH! Your sister in Oklahoma, USA, Becky Wright

joyce kabinchong says:

proud of u guys..i enjoyed ur music..touched me somehow..

dkhy yeoh says:

= ) can't wait for Feb 10th!!

Phebe:) Lim says:

take control is good:) keep it works!!

David from 9th Hour (IH) says:

Thank you for making such refreshing music - properly focused, well executed and so uplifting. Welcome to IH!

Shawn from 7 Ways says:

Enjoyed your music today!

Charlene Liang says:

You are anointed in your song writing. Keep it up! The melody touch the core of my heart

steven teoh says:

the song "You are my all" constantly remind me that Jesus is with me, thru good and challenging times. He is ever faithful. truly Jesus is my all.

Alicia Lim says:

i can't wait for the second album!!! yeah!

Chee Leong Bay says:

1AM, you gonna rock!!

James Tan says:

Awesome..songs that is annointed and draws people to worship God..

Hao Jiang Pang says:

so inspiring... touching every people's life

Carol Yong says:

You are my all is an amazing song.. i love it!!

wille kong says:

what a great album...come worship our mighty god together...

Wong Wai Foong says:

You can see the power of God moves through them. The band is truly anointed!!

Doreen Lim says:

This album is a great album. The songs really challenge you to see God in a greater dimension.And really put a passion in me to seek the revelation of God.

Chris Loh says:

When I listen to your music, it never fails to draws me to just worship God! Thank yoU and keeP it uP!!

Dennis Diong says:

Good and passionate worship band of God

Deborah Gan says:

1am u rock...!!!! alwasy full of passion and anointing. =)

Alex Teoh says:

You guys rock worship!

Kokkin Tang says:

Powerful & anointed band of God!

sie albert says:

very good and full of passion to god album

Malcolm Fernandes says:

Great minstry, cant wait to see this band in concert!!! wow, am exited to hear the second album coming up!!!!

Adrian Lee says:

Music is inspiring and insightful. My favourite is You Are mY ALL

Jill Deasirie Batiancila says:

i love your songs...cant wait to hear your upcoming album "sold out"

Khabil Kiram says:

very inspirational~ keep up t good work! ;)

christopher david says:

a ministry after God's own HEART. High Quality recording.professionally done.peace out

Al Mahan says:

Hey what a great sound! Worshipful and soothing to the soul. You'll go far, stay humble and SOLD OUT.

Nicolas Lim says:

It inspire me to give my all in worship.

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Hello to our new friends from Malaysia! Wonderful having you with us on Indieheaven! I wish you the very best in your music mission! Keith Mohr President Indieheaven

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