Abbie StandsLATEST STATUS: Check out "Behold The Beauty" from my album Hope Come Running!

Bradley Miller says:

Hi Abbie, I'm brand new here. I'm gonna add ya as #1 of my top ten friends. God bless you!

Tane' Miller says:

Hi Abbie, I just wanted to tell you what a blessing it is to listen to your new CD! It is beautiful and a delight to my heart! Truly you have a gift from the Lord! I pray the Lord opens the doors for you that no man can close! Blessings to you Abbie! Tane'

brotherdaniel says:

thanks for sharing your love for are lord & savior jesus christ, i can feel the love & passion for him in your songs. my favorites under his wings my dear reedemer lord & king behold the beauty. keep giving him praise. god bless

jackie barlow-ware says:


David Evans says:

I’m David Evans of KTF Productions. I currently produce 3 Christian music shows (a national television show, an internet show, and a music podcast show). If you own the rights to your songs or music videos and would like to submit them for air or inclusion in one or all 3 shows let me know! More information can be found at Just click on the “Christian Music Videos” link.

Terri Shamar says:

Hi Abbie! Your music is just beautiful. Congrats to your new album! Blessings to you! Terri Shamar

Bruce Danna says:

Welcome to Indieheaven. I'm listening to your songs right now. Great stuff : )

Dee Emeigh says:

Welcome Abbie - Congratulations! Great vocals!

Julia Gannon says:

Welcome to Indieheaven and God bless your ministry!

Keith@Indieheaven says:

Beautiful Abbie!! Love your songs and voice.. Stunning!!


Hey Abbie, Your dream is happening. What a great thrill to hear you and to
be part of your music team. I love to hear you sing!

anita ferrer says:

hey sweets, I've been anxiously waiting for your album with ERIC. Can you tell me how that going. You have a beautifully, pure, classic voice. I LOVE it. please write me soon, darlin!

Brad Taylor (PraiseOutLoud) says:

You have an amazing voice...and amazing control! He Called to Me is beautiful. God bless you and your ministry!

anita ferrer says:

Hey sweets. I love your new pics, but even more your spirit. I can't wait for you to move to PA. You'll be closer to me here in Jersey. I want to sing with you:)

David Altenor says:

HEY ABBIE!!! you sound so awesome!! I love your music! Be encouraged and keep making beautiful music! and Praise God and thanks so much for you support and kind words.

Keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

So wonderful to have you with us on Indieheaven!
What a big voice you have!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!

anita ivete ferrer says:

Hey sweet sister, WELCOME TO INDIE HEAVEN!
What a beautiful classic voice. I LOVE it. I love your influences too. Judy Garland? A classic. Keep on. WE need more classic vocalists like you here. Keep up the great work, girl. I love :He Calls to Me. It reminds me of "in the Garden" One of my favorite Hymns:) XXXXX...

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