Nathan Clark GeorgeLATEST STATUS: Looking forward to our 2010 Christmas tour!

brotherdaniel says:

nathan it was very enjoying & uplifting listening to your words & music thanks for sharing your gift my jesus i love thee & comin home touched me very deep. god bless

Bob Birkeneder of Sunday Mountain Music says:

Absolutely FANTASTIC! Thank you for your ministry in music. Your music has reinvigorated my love for Jesus and His wonderful gift of music. Do you currently have a publisher where I can purchase sheet music for your music?

Bob Birkeneder of Sunday Mountain Music says:

Absolutley LOVE your songs (and the way you perform them). "The Devil Ain't Lazy" is a hoot!

Melissa Mckinnies says:

Looking for someone to play on Sunday, April 25th from 5 - 6 pm for a Day of Service for the Family Crisis Center in Herrin, Illinois. This would not be a paying gig, although a product table and any saleable items can be displayed and will be pushed for you. We are trying to help this center with a budget shortfall due to a lack of government funding. Thanks for contacting me either way. Thanks again and God Bless!

Steven Childs Pennamen says:

Great Melodies & Gifted Writing... May you find even more quiet time to write on the road... God's Watching Over You... Many Blessings to you and your family....
Steven Childs Pennamen

Ken says:

I really enjoyed: O come, O come Emmanuel. Very nice job and I enjoy your other music too. Blessings...Ken

Michael Robert says:

Love your tunes! Great job writing in the Psalms! Check out my worship tunes when you get a minute!

Taylor Jordan says:

Mr. George,

I love your songs "Set Me Straight" and "I Will Rejoice". They are both great and you have a wonderful voice!

Joy Broadway says:

I really enjoy your music and I hope you will have more cd's available soon. I'll keep checking back here.

Lisa Winton says:

I ordered the Pull Up a Chair music CD for Randy for Father's Day! I know he'll love it. They're hoping you and Jonathan can come to the retreat in Colorado and y'all can meet then. Have a terrific day!

Ray Lyon says:

Really good writing and playing and singing and recording... thank you!

Della says:

Hey Nathan! How are the Magnificent Seven? So glad to see all your great news! Hello to Patsy--do we get to see ya'll at the Summit this year?

Debbie Smith says:

Thanks for blessing us today!

michael di rienzo says:

Real nice

Jen Nelson says:

Your music is exactly what I was hoping I would find on it is a gift. Thank you so much!

Tim Anderson says:

Hi Nathan,
I haven't met you before, but you had me laughing with joy after viewing your 55 second video. It's so cool how your family goes with you on the road and you make a life of sharing the truth and love of the Lord. I identify with you in some ways, my first project having been acoustic piano/voice, mostly psalms set to music. I'm now recording a couple of other albums, and hope to tour soon, Lord-willing. Anyway, keep sharing the music and love of the Lord that we all need to hear about and see in action.
God Bless'
PS I'm not a member of IndieHeaven yet, but hope to join soon. :)

Eddie Cavazos says:

Hi Nathan,

I've discovered your music and I have become a HUGE fan! I've got to say that you are a tremendously talented singer/songwriter!

Grace & Peace be with you and yours during this Holy Season & Always!

Eddie Cavazos

chrislucas says:

Just dropped in for some sweet inspiration - never fails.

I pray all is well w/ you my brother.

Kathryn says:

My family has all NCG's CDs and we listen to them constantly. The kids' favorite is Horn Creek...they listen to it over and over and over. When I was driving cross country by myself, I simply plugged one CD in after another, listening to the uplifting lyrics and beautiful tunes for hours on end. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with us all!

Pat Shetter says:

I met a lady named Caroline this past weekend who heard you in Matthews, NC. She said she loves your music and is now your biggest fan. I told her that spot is already taken. She especially likes "What If I Were In The Garden". She said she has given your info to her Pastor and to someone in the "big pink Church" - I think she said pink - that is so well known in the Charlotte area.

Kristina Sledgianowski says:

you are a very good singer.

Kyle Cantrell says:

Hey Nathan,

We met last year at "The Connection" in KC. I was an honor to hear you play then, and great to see you here. I pray you are doing well! Blessings!


Carrie Marshall says:

Hi, Nathan.

I love your songs! Wow. Thanks for pointing me to the Word this afternoon.


Stan Napier says:

Looking forward to this weekend. Looking forward to stories about Horn Creek. I worked camp there back in 1980. Wondering how much it has changed out in the Westcliffe area? Praying for this weekend in Albemarle. Stan

Della says:

Nathan, So glad to have met you and your wife. I tell you, I know there are superhero capes underneath your street clothes. Actually I know what it is--the garments of humility. 1Peter 5:5-6 " . . . and clothe yourselves with all humility, because God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble . . . and in due time, lifts them up with His mighty hand!" Love His message through you-- both profound and powerful and seasoned with the aroma that only comes from being in His presence. Keep us posted on prayer needs. And if you're ever in Cincinnati area, pull up that motor home and come right in. We have a good yard for playing and beds that don't fold up!

Kerensa Gray says:

Nathan, It was such a pleasure and a privilege to meet you this weekend at the summit. Your spirit and music touched me. I am a fan!

Mark Cable says:


Great to meet you, hang out and hear your story at the 08 Summit. I'm really enjoying the CD (Home at Horn Creek). Keep being faithful!!


chris lucas says:

Nathan - Finally I got to hear your music - I wasn't disappointed, except to say that I'm not on the road w/ you! What blessing to hear you share your heart and life!

Chris Carder says:

Hello Nathan,
It was a focal point to my weekend to hear you sharing your heart with everyone at the Summit. Your conviction of the CALLING on our lives being to love our families was such a wonderful reminder to us all! I loved the songs and your honesty! God continue to bless you as you travel the highways!

Anthony McLeod says:

Nathan, what you shared at the Summit encouraged me and convicted me. As a father, you challenged me (and kicked my butt!!). THANK YOU!! I came home to my two little girls today with new eyes and a refreshed heart. I can't say thank you enough!

Terri Shamar says:

Nathan, what a blessing to the Lord and the body of Christ you are! Such beautiful tunes. You are truly blessed of the Lord. Keep on with your gift :)

Maurice Diaz says:

Nathan, we just added your song "I Will Rejoice" to our currents rotation. Thank you for your work! God bless you!

Dean Scott says:


It was so great to meet you at the PCA Conference.

We still want to have you at an SGS Event! I listen to your music constantly and am so edified by your transparency. I think everyone can see themselves in your music and say, "Him too!? So I'm not the only one who is like that?!"

Hey, have you checked out SGS lately? You are featured on our Homepage.... check it out.

Soli Deo Gloria!


chris lucas says:

Nathan - God is doing an awesome work through your ministry. I'm honored to know you. (Drive safely!)

Michael Hiskey says:

I was blessed recently with the opportunity to see Nathan in concert in Hickory, NC. Let me just say that if you get a chance to go and see him then I would strongly urge you to do so. You will leave inspired and feeling better than when you first walked in.

Thank you Nathan (and the band),... for being skillful at what you do,... for your passion towards your purpose and your savior,.... and for blessing me and my family with your music, message, and muse. We loved it all!

Ya'll check this guy out!,...



Carla Carter says:


Stopped by your page and enjoyed listening to your music. Thanks for the warm welcome to IH.

Rockerchic says:

Just wanted to let you know that your comments on the "call" was inspiring!
I too believe God Calls us FIRST to be faithful to him. When that happens, God allows all things will work together for those who are called according to his purpose!

Chandra Singh says:

Dear brother Nathan,
I am a medical missionary from India, on a short term unpaid observership in Children's Hospital, Columbus, till October end. I came across your music and I listened to some MP3 samples. I am not in a position to pay for it and buy. If possible, please send me a copy to the address mentioned below. It will be of immense use to our ministry among medical college students in India and in the hospital where I work. If you need any further information, I will be happy to provide Yours in Christ,
Chandra Singh
Division of Pediatric Urology,
Children's Hospital,
555 18th Street Suite 6D,
Columbus, Ohio 43205.

Mark Cable says:


Love coming to your page, clicking on your new CD and just letting it PLAY!! REALLY, REALLY nice! Great to listen to!!

(Makes me want to do an acoustic guitar and vocal only CD)

martha says:

Heloo am christian please send by email address spritual song

germin bonghanoy says:

all songs are my favoratr

broken vessels says:

hey nathan!

enjoyed getting to know you at the summit. really enjoy your music! praying that God will continue to bless you and your ministry.

Cecilia Fuentes says:

You have chosen some of my favorite passages of Scripture. I like that the Scripture is intact; one can actually be spiritually fed while listening to God's Word cited in juicy long chunks to skillful acoustic instrumentation and a pleasant voice. Thank you for loving God's Word and using your talents to present it. Thank you for using God's gifts to you to glorify our awesome God. Galatians 6 has been very important to me lately. How I appreciate "Brothers."

Denise Dovel says:

Hey Nathan!
Great job at the IMMA conference - it was nice to get to hear your music in person, and see your ministry. Also, congrats on soon-to-be 5 kiddos - it's a blast having 5!
All For Jesus,
Denise Dovel

Scott Cyphers, IH artist says:

NCG...Your music brings me to a place of meditation and wonder before our great God. I could listen to your music all night; it is very anointed and rich with meaning. Keep that pen in hand brother! God Bless you.

Ramona Hall says:

Good Job, Nathan. I to love the song "I Will Rejoice" I play it over & over. Where can I find the CD? You are blessed with a God-Given talent and I'm thankful that you are using it in service to HIM. God Bless and keep the good music coming. Would love to see you at the Family Reunion this year.


GLORIFY HIM__BLESS HIS NAME. BOW BEFORE HIS THRONE. OUR GOD. OUR KING IMMANUAL. CHRIST THE RISEN LORD. great worship... love to be singing at church. better yet i can sing along and play saturday nights as your first single.... ooh great idea.

P. Shetter says:

Gavin and I are listening to I'm About to Fall - we love the harmonica! How many songs can we vote for each day? Every one we listen to is our favorite. Thanks for adding You Make Me Smile.

Michael Hiskey (IH) says:

I love the Celtic feel on "I will rejoice". This is some really great content! Prayers that the Lord would continue to bless your efforts a put a hedge of protection around you and your family as you continue along the way.

Ben George says:

Keep it up NCG.
The new cd sounds great!

Ben George says:

Keep it up NCG.
Your doing great!
The new CD sounds great as well.

Scott McOwen says:

The inspired words of the Triune God and the changed lives of those that share their gifts is the distillation of Jesus' eternal truth to all.
Where can you rejoice with ever Lasting Power and Peace? Only in the Arms of Jesus, our Savior.

May His Presence Bless you, your family and those that support you in your mission to serve.

Give the Children a big hug from Mary and me,

Scott and Mary

Paula Gossett says:

Nathan, you have such wonderful God given talent. I thank the Lord that you use it for His glory! Keep serving Him as I know you will.

Shawn Jack says:

I have all of Nathan's albums and have listened to at least one of them everyday at work on my new MP3 player this past 6 months. All of his music and lyrics are carefully crafted and expertly performed. I enjoy all of his songs very much. The past winter has been very difficult one for me and my family, "I Will Rejoice" has been an encouragement and has stirred my interest in Habakuk 3! Thanks Nathan for ministering to my family here in Southern Illinois.

Robbie Lee says:

Hey man. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Summit. I absolutely love your CD! Keep up the great work man! Great to see your song on the top20 too!

Lisa Brown says:

Congratulations on your award! It is well deserved. You give us solid truths encased in refreshing, quality music- something that is so needed in the Christian music industry. Thanks to God for your gift.

Korie Shetter says:

I really enjoyed the concert at Trinity last weekend. We have all your CDs.

Autumn Calvert says:

Nathan...I just love you. Not only are you incredibly talented, but you carry the heart of Christ in you and it SHINES!
Thank you for being my friend.
Congrats on the guitar! I'm so happy you won!!!!

Andy - One Way Artist Management says:

Nathan is the real deal. He has mastered his instrument, his unique style, his songwriting. Keep up the blessed work you currently do! It was a pleasure to meet you at CIA Summit over the weekend! Your showcase was top-notch.

Ramona Hall says:

Just heard about the award you won!!!! I think that's GREAT! ! Keep up the good work that you are doing for the Lord. I love "I will Rejoice" . I listen to it every time I go into your site. God Bless you in your life & music.

Wendi says:

Awesome song and you have a wonderful talent do everything for the Glory of God. And may God bless and keep you.

Vini Contreas says:

True to the form. Great production. Sweet songs. Blessings to your ministry . .

Kerensa Gray from Soul\'d says:

Beautiful melodies and soothing vocals. A joy to listen to!

Timothy Pepper says:

If we ever cross paths I would love to collaborate. God bless. Shalom.

Karla Shetter says:

" This song is a Five stars as it is your talent!!!! I will rejoice is one of my favorites. Please keep delighting us with such a great job and God bless you and your family.

Mert Hershberger says:

Simple & clear lyrics on "rejoice in the Lord"

Virginia Tanner says:

Your doing a Great job, keep it up, and God bless you greatly.

Richard Wiebe says:

Seven is the number of The Body and this music is for the WHole church. May the Lord bless you Nathan as you continue to exercise the gift He has given you. A special comfort to our Family is Rise in the Darkness as we listen to this song it reminds us of our Saviours love for all the lost and the grand expectation of the future world to come. Richard

Sharon Seckinger says:

What a blessing, great music, Praise the Lord!!!

Judi Warner says:

Great! It is so good to hear that you are doing well. Praise God. May God bless you.

Marcia Sumler says:

I got an email from Tina Sample and was ask to listen to this and I really enjoyed the song. I sent it to all my email list.

Ramona Hall says:

I think he's great and he is somewhat related to me. His wife is the daughter of my first cousin. Nathan, keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the family reunion this year.

Susan Leonhard says:

I was blessed by your concert at our church and am enjoying your music on CD.Blessings to you and your family!

Kathy Jones says:

Both the words and music lead me to comtemplate on God and His character. Awesome

Natalie Peters says:

Every CD is better than the last...thanks Nathan!

Joshua Barrett says:

Great song NCG!

Kathy Grote says:

Nathan has great music...We love hearing him!!! His Christmas concert in Murphysboro was Excellent!!

michael Dosch says:

Great music. Great song. Can't wait until you come back to the Boro.


Great song. Our church had the priveledge of hearing on on Valentine's Day! God Bless you and your family

Tricia Alford says:

The best!!

Cattie Price says:

I like it. I'm kind of a hippie, but I like it. :)

john wood says:


Tim Giedd says:

This artist combines a wonderful gifting with a biblically sound message!

Bob Slaney says:

We love your music!! Working on getting something set up in MN. You don't want to come experience 10 below zero??

Kimberly Mountjoy says:

I love to hear Scripture sung to beautiful acoustic guitar. Wonderful!

James White says:

There's no comparing his style with anything ever heard.

Mark & Mary-Ann Bell says:

Since hearing you in Texas we have followed your career through your e-mails and are as excited as you for your future.

pat jones says:

this is good stuff

Seth George says:

Can you afford to hire a bus driver yet?

C Tanner says:

You are really great

Herby Blaetterbauer says:

Appreciated your performances in December here in Germany very much.Nathan, I wish you all the best.

Betty Morefield says:

Having known Nathan as a youngster & good friend of my daughter's, I am very proud of him & his talents which are awesome.

Mark Coker says:

Nathan, Your sound is amazing! The awards will continue to follow you. You are changing lives with God given talent! Thatís what itís all about. You could have made it in any genre yet you have given your gift to people who need to hear these wonderful songs of hope. Keep it up! Mark Coker

Denise Dovel says:

Beautiful voice! Congrats on your nominations!

Autumn Calvert says:

You have a heavenly voice. Congrats on the nominations! God Bless!

Jo Barrett says:

Nathan is humble, real, encouraging and gives the glory to God in his music. Definitely a favorite artist!

Kathy Lipe says:

I have always enjoyed you music. I am so proud of all you have done. He would have been proud.

Keith Jackson says:

Great concert Friday night!!!

Bob Fine says:

Nathan's music is the family favorite. Peaceful, warm and authentic.

John Carlson says:

Ya Nathan - GREAT sounds, vibe and messages. I love the down home simple acoustic feel - some of my favorite type of music.

Joel Rosenberger says:

Great music and songwriting from Southern IL! I especially enjoyed listening to the fiddle and harmonica on Hit Me Blind. I look forward to hearing music from Rise in the Darkness.

Rick Sawyer says:

loved "slam the door" like taking a trip down a country lane.. penetrating, honest lyrics in "feels so foreign" great music throughout the cd. Strong vocals..thanks.

bradley reynolds says:

Hi Nathan, I love your music. I have been here on indieheaven for a short time and have been listening to the different artists and I must say your music is some of my favorite.I am seeking places to play right now so please pray about that with me. I love the mandolin work in your songs also. What a refreshing sound you have my Brother.If you ever need a second guitar player or a place to lay down some tracks let me know. Blessings, Brad

Stephanie Fehler says:

just found this from a family camp website :) - i love your musical style and love the idea of setting scripture to music all the time - i went to the store, but i guess i have to go to and look you up to buy your albums? i have six little children and this is one that everyone would listen to...

Ted Fillhart@IH says:

Great music! Love it! Congrats on the Momentum Award! Be Blessed and as the Lord uses you to further His Kingdom!

Shannon Shogren says:

Nathan...From one artist to another, your music, your performances, your honesty...all very refreshing

Shawna Ray says:

Enjoyed listening to your music. Sorry I missed you at the Summit. My plans got changed at the last minute. But congrats on the award and KEEP ON!

Bob Wiegers says:

hello, it was very good hearing and meeting you at CVPC last week, and I've been enjoying your CDs. I was wondering if you happen to share chord sheets for any of your songs? I'd like to try to play some for our worship services if that's OK with you. thanks!

Sharian F. Montford says:

Never go wrong with that word of God song. Be blessed as the LORD uses you too his glory. Love It!!

Kerri Crocker says:

From one newbie to another... keep praising God!! I agree with Patsy, you make me smile too! Blessings and Peace!!

Jason Bourque says:

Hang in there, you will go far.

Rebecca Countryman says:

Friday's concert was awesome...what a heaven sent voice you have! I can't seem to get "Slam the Door" out of my CD player. BTW: I loved the Fargo experimental song.

Becky Wright says:

Nathan, wow! Your worship is heart-felt, and your voice reminds me of a cross between Chris Rice and Fernando Ortega. Love it! I'll be rating your song daily now, along with mine and several others!! Your IH sister, Becky Wright (song at #16)

Patsy George says:

You make me smile.

Pat Shetter says:

We think you are the best!

George Petruff says:

Got all your CD's. Wish I could sit in on a set. If your bro wants some time off, I'm available.

Cherry Walker says:

I love your music Nate, but I still like the Chicken Hawk song the best..;)

Bill Cochran says:

You are doing the right thing lad. I like it very much. Great sound, great songs, great sense of humor.

Brent Stewart says:

It's not hard to be better than prog rock, but Nathan does it very well!

Karen Reeder says:

I have this CD! (Actually, my husband bought it, but he's not getting it back.) My favorite song is "Perfect Man." Thanks for MANY hours of pleasure, going back years. I hope you win!

Jill Carter says:

Nathan, Everything about your music is truly fabulous! Keep it coming!

Nathan Wilson says:

Nathan's music is truly excellent - lyrics, music, performance, recording - everything. I recommend him to everyone.

chad t. says:

This is even better than prog rock!

Aaron PICAR says:

I remember seeing you @ Grace a while ago. You covered a Cockburn song that I really love. Glad to see you here on IH!

Danny from mile7 says:

I love the two songs that you have up right now! Welcome to IH and be sure to get plugged in on the community boards. God Bless!

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